The stakes are high when you are facing criminal charges. You could be facing devastating consequences including fines, probation, a jail term, stigma in your community, and a criminal record. Your career, future employment, and livelihood are often negatively affected. Our team of skilled criminal lawyers, assisted by our outstanding support staff, will meet with you; review the prosecution's case, your circumstances, and your wishes; and will give you a clear plan for how we will fight your charges.

Our lawyers have over 78 years of combined trial experience in both criminal defence and prosecution. We have three former crown prosecutors on our criminal defence team. We defend any type of criminal charge, including assault, sexual assault, sexually-related crimes, domestic assault, firearms and weapons charges, theft and fraud, impaired (DUI) offences, criminal harassment, drug charges, and many more.

We also take pride in settling many cases out of court including securing withdrawals of charges on weaker cases, and pleading to reduced charges or negotiating lesser sentences if the client wishes to avoid a trial. However, if you are facing a criminal trial, you need to know that at Kruse Law, you will have highly competent criminal trial lawyers on your side—lawyers who are known and respected in the Welland area amongst other lawyers, judges, and prosecutors for the numerous charges they have defended and won at trial.

Whether you are charged with a criminal offence or a DUI, we have an outstanding team of lawyers standing by for you. Have questions? We offer a free no-obligation consultation so that you can get the answers you need. Everyone should know the options available to them before they set foot in a courtroom. While our goal is to represent you for your day in court, we are pleased to advise you—even if you do not retain us—so that you know what you are facing.

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