With the Kruse Law Firm by your side, you will receive the benefit of over 78 years of combined criminal law courtroom experience behind you. Going into a courtroom unprepared is a disadvantage for you. That is why having one of our lawyers by your side is the way to go. We are there to level the playing field and to try and win your case or achieve the lightest sentence possible.

Kruse Law Firm is comprised of experienced criminal trial lawyers who understand the often confusing world of the Canadian justice system. We have handled the simplest cases and some of the most complex cases since 1993. Our job is to provide you with the best possible defence around. Our free, no obligation consultations for clients in the St. Thomas area will give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered so that when you walk into the courtroom, you are confident and prepared.

Why take chances when you can have an experienced winner represent you? Let Kruse Law Firm fight for you.

Call the criminal defence lawyers at Kruse Law Firm today to set up a free consultation.

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in London, Kitchener, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.

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