Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
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Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
Toll-Free: 1‑800‑699‑0806

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Ontario Criminal & DUI Lawyers

Charged with a Criminal Offence?
Charged with an Impaired Driving Offence?
Charged with Careless Driving, Speeding/Stunt Driving or Traffic Ticket?
Charged with DUI, Sexual Assault, Domestic assault?
Charged with Theft, Drug Trafficking or any other type of criminal offense?

Being Arrested is a traumatic experience.
It helps to have an experienced Criminal Lawyer at your side as soon as possible...

Kruse Law Firm represents individuals who have been charged with Impaired Driving/DUI, Sexual Assault, Domestic Assault, Theft, Drug Trafficking or any other type of Criminal Offence. Our lawyers have over 70 years of combined criminal trial experience, and we have earned a reputation as one of the top impaired driving law firms in the province.


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Eight Reasons to Hire Kruse Law


I was able to plead to a reduced charge of careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act based on Mike convincing the Crown that they had a weak case.
- GM, Windsor
After being charged with a domestic assault, I wasn’t sure where my life was headed personally or professionally.
- LM, Ontario
Accused, confused and told you're going to lose, I decided to call Kruse.
- NC, Toronto
Anthony helped set my mind at rest with his professional and experienced responses to all my questions and concerns.
- LM, Toronto
Mike is your best option when having to face the criminal justice system.
- Michael Drake, Windsor Lawyer
I firmly believe that I would not have been acquitted if I had not chosen Kruse Law Firm to represent me.
- SS, Mississauga
I was very impressed by the way Kruse Law firm handled my case. Not only did they manage to avoid a criminal record, I did not have to go to jail which was an amazing outcome!
- AM, Toronto
At the end, the Judge believed me over all 3 police officers that testified for the Crown against me despite what I was told by other lawyers. I would strongly recommend Mr. Kruse and his team of lawyers.
- JE, Scarborough
I know that you guys hear that your client's are innocent all the time, but I truly was and I thank you in believing in me.
- GR, Windsor
I was soo grateful and satisfied with the services that KRUSE LAW FIRM provided to me and I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone.
- AE, Toronto
I was acquitted of all charges! I would recommend Kruse Law Firm to anyone with a criminal charge.
- LP, Kitchener
If you want to win your case, I would highly recommend that you hire Mr. Kruse as I have personally seen first hand that he is the best in the business.
- MZ, Brampton
I was impressed with their professional and caring response to my issue.
- JD, Kitchener
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Excellent criminal defence services for over two decades

Mike Kruse and his team of lawyers specialize in criminal defence, and are also leaders in the arena of DUI defence. Put the experience, knowledge and expertise of three former criminal and drug prosecutors to work for you

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