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An arrest is a traumatic experience. In a matter of minutes, you are torn from your everyday life, put in jail, and expected to prove your innocence in the criminal justice system. If you've never been charged with a crime or DUI before, you might even plead guilty just to put the whole thing behind you. Unfortunately, a failed defence could mean that your life will never go back to normal.

The Defence Lawyer You Choose Will Determine the Rest of Your Life

Many defendants don't realize just how much is on the line after an arrest. In addition to the possibility of receiving jail time for any type of criminal offence and losing your driver's licence for a DUI, a criminal record can mean the loss of your current job, future employment, and reputation. A lawyer who "dabbles" in criminal law isn't enough—you need someone with a proven track record of defending these cases in court.

At Kruse Law, we understand the full ramifications of a criminal conviction—both now and in later life—and why it is so important to avoid them. Our experienced criminal lawyers across Ontario are waiting to protect your rights and stand by you every step of the way.

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