Facing DUI charges in Peterborough? Kruse Law Firm, led by Mike Kruse, a criminal lawyer with over 35 years of experience, offers seasoned legal representation for those accused of DUI and impaired driving. Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights and crafting strong defence strategies, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

Why Choose Kruse Law Firm as your Peterborough DUI Lawyer

Experienced: Our DUI criminal lawyers bring a wealth of experience in criminal law, including a proven track record of defending clients against impaired driving and related Criminal Code driving offences in Peterborough.

Tailored Defence Strategies: We understand the complexity of DUI cases, from charges of over 80 to refusal to provide a breath sample. With a deep understanding of the Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Act, we can effectively challenge evidence in the Peterborough courts, tailoring our approach to suit the specifics of your DUI case and impaired driving charges.

Knowledge of Criminal Law: Our law firm only practices criminal law. This is important as our focused legal skill set and experience allows us to deliver the best possible strategies for an effective DUI defence. Our Peterborough DUI criminal lawyers are leaders in the field, committed to delivering quality legal services that protect your freedom and driving privileges.

Comprehensive Legal Services: From your initial free consultation through to attending court on your behalf, we offer a full spectrum of legal services designed to address every aspect of your DUI case. Whether you are facing your first offence or have a prior criminal record, we are  here to assist.

Our Peterborough Impaired Driving Lawyers are here to assist you if you have been charged with:

  • Impaired Driving by Alcohol or a Drug, Drinking and Driving, Drunk driving, Over 80, Exceed 80, DUI, DWI, Refusal, Failure or Refusal  to Provide a Breath Sample
  • Dangerous Driving, Driving while Prohibited, Driving while disqualified, and Driving under Suspension
  • Assault, Sexual Assault, All Sexual related offences, Domestic Assault, Mischief
  • Fraud, Theft, Robbery
  • Drug Charges, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Distribution,
  • Breach of Probation, Probation Violation
  • Breach of Recognizance

Kruse Law Firm is a leader in defending drinking and driving cases in Ontario. We are experienced and qualified criminal defence lawyers who will vigorously protect and defend your rights if you have been charged with any type of criminal offence.


What should I do if I am charged with a DUI offence in Peterborough?

Contacting a criminal defence lawyer immediately is the most important first step. Kruse Law Firm provides urgent legal assistance and a free consultation to help you understand your charges, the potential consequences, and the defence strategies available to you.

What are the possible consequences of a DUI conviction?

Consequences can include:

  • a criminal record
  • jail sentences
  • loss of driving privileges
  • significant fines.
  • Sky rocketing insurance rates

Can Kruse Law Firm assist with other criminal charges?

Yes, beyond DUI and impaired driving offences, we handle the full spectrum of Criminal Code offences, including drug offences, assault domestic assault,  sexual assault, dangerous driving, theft, fraud, property offences, and more.

Does Kruse Law Firm offer free consultations for DUI charges?

Absolutely. We believe in providing accessible legal services, starting with a free consultation. This allows us to assess your case, offer advice, and discuss how we can assist you without any obligation to hire us.

What happens during a bail hearing for DUI charges in Peterborough?

First time DUI  offenders will normally be automatically released from custody on an officer in charge undertaking or promise to appear without the necessity of having a bail hearing.  However,  repeat offenders or individuals charged with impaired causing death,  may be held in jail for a bail hearing in front of a Justice of the Peace. A bail hearing determines whether you can be released from custody while awaiting trial. At your bail hearing a justice of the Peace will  review the charges, your background and criminal record,  the Crown’s and defence counsel’s  factual and legal arguments, and your defence counsel’s proposed bail release plan, to determine if you should be released on bail conditions or held in jail pending the resolution of your charges or until the end of your  trial.    

Can DUI charges be dropped in Peterborough?

Yes, with experienced legal representation, it’s possible to have DUI charges dropped, especially if there’s insufficient evidence, procedural mistakes, or violations of your Charter rights. A skilled Peterborough impaired driving lawyer will explore every avenue to achieve this outcome if possible. A common and very favourable negotiated outcome for weaker impaired driving related charges or for lower breath reading cases, is for the Crown to accept a guilty plea to careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act and a withdrawal of your criminal charges.

What role do crown attorneys play in DUI cases in Peterborough?

Crown attorneys prosecute DUI cases, presenting evidence against the accused. Our DUI lawyers in Peterborough are experienced in negotiating with crown attorneys, often achieving lesser charges or even getting charges dropped through effective defence strategies.

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