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Success Stories

Google Review by John Smith

Mike Kruse was very professional. During COVID, he set up numerous phone meetings which kept us up to date with all the info. He never pressure me to make any decisions, he only gave his professional advice. Due to his hard work, he was able achieve an outcome which I thought was very fair. I highly recommend Mike Kruse. Thank you

Google Review by Milan Bratic

Thanks to Mike and his team for helping out my son. Mike is very professional, a great listener and open minded. I would definitely recommend

Google Review by Lisa L

I just wanted to send out a big Thank You to the Kruse Legal Team! They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field. Karl Toews was my legal representative and was instrumental to my charge being reduced. I couldn’t have navigated this process without him. I highly recommend Kruse Law services to anyone in need of

Google Review by Esbikenh

Chi-miigwech (Big thank you) to Michael Kruse and the Kruse law firm team for saving my career. Because of my own careless mistake my career was almost ruined. Luckily Michael Kruse fought the crown on my behalf and told them I’m a good person and I deserve a second chance. Thank you once

Google Review by J.T.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Fiszauf and the Kruse Law Firm to anyone. I was charged with a DUI and they were able to get the charges withdrawn with no implications to my license or to my insurance. You will not be disappointed with the service or the

Google Review by M. L.

I had a question regarding court procedure in Kitchener. David was able to provide me with a clear answer right away. Very friendly law firm and knowledgeable

Steph Fay

As soon as I spoke to someone from Kruse Law, I knew I was making a good decision. I expected a scary, painful, stressful experience due to the circumstances, but they made me feel better, stronger, and have faith in the process. Thank you to Anthony and Jennifer for your kindness and comfort during an unfortunate situation. Anthony won my case, and I couldn’t thank him enough. THANK YOU

Google Review by Michael Smith

Kruse Law helped me in one of the most difficult times of my life. I would highly recommend this firm if you have been charged with a DUI. Karl and Jennifer were very diligent and professional when dealing with my matter. As a young person, the criminal nature of a DUI would have affected my future job prospects. Karl was able to have my charge withdrawn with NO criminal record. Although it took some time, it was certainly worth it. Thank you Michael Kruse, Karl and

Google Review by Tahir Riza

Mike Kruse was an excellent lawyer even for someone from the USA and to have the same connection across the border is an amazing thing as a lawyer. Will always choose Kruse Law

Google Review by Terry Chan

I was naive enough at first to believe that I could defend myself in a recent case of assault and uttering death threat. I thought I have read all of Erle Stanley Gardner’s books on Perry Mason and have watched all episodes of the Chief Ironside that I believed the case against me was purely perjury and heresay. Kruse Law was able to point out the intricacy of the law and the weakness of my self defence. We have discussed plea bargaining and peace bonding but I believed that Homolka almost got scot free in that notorious case of Bernado. I stood firm on my innocence and Kruse respected my decision and was able to prove my case and justice

Google Review by Pete L.

I am very happy with all the effort that the Kruse Law Firm, and Mr. Andreopoulos has done that resulted in hearing the Court Judge say, Congratulations Mr. L. the charges against you have been dropped. Anthony was very knowledgeable, and professional throughout the legal process defending my rights. I highly recommend their

Google Review by Doug Hern

Excellent. Our family recently had the requirement for legal representation related to a current challenging situation. I had used Kruse Law and Karl Toews a number of years ago on a different case and decided to turn to them again. Karl agreed to help us and proved to be a calm, steady presence while guiding us through the sometimes confusing legal system. He was sensitive, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Kruse Law and Karl Toews when you find yourself in need of legal

Google Review by Paul

In 2016 we had a very positive experience with Kruse Law and Mr. Toews. He was very professional dealing with our case and everyone at Kruse Law was very helpful in reaching a positive outcome. I would recommend this firm and Mr. Toews to anyone. In 2019 our family needed Kruse Law again for a Impaired driving and Drug Possession charge. This time we had Anthony Andreopoulos as our Lawyer. He proved to be very professional and always well prepared. This case didn’t look good and the Crown was not offering up any deals. As Anthony felt there was an argument to be made we decided to commit to trial. Anthony was so well prepared and so well spoken that he was able to get the Charges withdrawn before trial. All the Office Staff were very professional in keeping us informed as well. Jennifer, Samantha and Daniel have been excellent to deal with throughout this whole ordeal. I highly recommend Kruse Law as they are in it to win it and they will be your best chance at a positive

Google Review by Marie Dickie

I dealt with this firm for 3 months this past year. My experience with them was extraordinary. They were efficient, kind and patient. Mr toews did everything in his power to get me the best possible outcome. Samantha and jennifer were both extremly helpful at clarifying any terms i was unclear on and answered all emails very quick. I was in an unfortunate situation to which they assisted me above my

Google Review by Sohil Nawabi

Working with Mr Toews was the best decision we made for the unfortunate circumstance our family was in. Mr. Toews is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He gave us specific and realistic possible outcomes for our case. He always kept lines of communication open, and was ready to answer whatever questions we had. I would strongly recommend Mr Kruse and Mr. Toews to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair and

Google Review by Joshua Gleason

Kruse Low helped me through a difficult situation. They were very professional and any time I had a question or concern they were very quick to reply to my emails. My lawyer Anthony was very clear with his answers to my many questions. I would highly recommend

Google Review by Brent Carruthers

Mr. Karl Toews & everyone at Kruse Law Firm were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had about my case. Would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a law firm to fight for

Google Review by Mateo Mejia

Let me start with saying Thank You to Mr. Karl Toews and his team!. They are really professional and advice you the best for the best results. They were always on top on my case and updated me on time of everything that was going on. If you are looking for a lawyer in the London area Please do yourself a favor and go to Kruse Law Firm and ask for Mr. Karl Toews ! Thanks again for the amazing job

Testimonial by M. P.

Kruse Law Firm is absolutely great. I had Karl Toews represent me and he was amazing. Karl was professional, meticulous, and was always available to speak with when I had concerns. He knew what he was doing and it was evident he was knowledgeable in this field and he proved that as well. Definitely would recommend this firm, especially Karl. Thank

Testimonial by N. N.

Karl, Mr. Kruse, and Kruse Law… Although the process has not concluded, I’d like to thank you and Kruse Law for taking our case to trial… In addition, I’d also wish to express my deepest appreciation for your kindness, understanding, and above all patience during this difficult process both myself and my family endured over the past 13-14+ months. You’ve been a mainstay in keeping me clear on the directions and possible outcomes including having an open ear to many of the serious personal and medical issues impacting this undertaking from myself, my wife, and now my son. There are not many lawyers and law firms that have these types of

Google Review by Mike M.

I had been charged with a DUI when I had my first meeting with Karl Toews in London. At the end of that first meeting Karl told me he could not promise anything until he saw all the evidence but what he expected would happen based on our conversation. Eight months later due to the pandemic and it all worked out exactly as he said it would. DUI charges were dropped. I found Karl personally to be a very warm and empathic person to speak with. Should I ever need a lawyer again then I would not think of using anyone else other than Karl. This entire firm does a great

Google Review by Joseph Adeyemi

Mr Karl Toews is an amazing lawyer. He listens to your requests and works to give you the best possible outcome you can expect. He always kept me updated on all important information. With him I could sleep calm knowing my traffic ticket was taken care of even before the case was settled. He knows the law very well and will do what it takes to win your case. When I needed a lawyer and googled reviews his name was on top of the list and I can see why it is because he does a great job. I will always recommend him for any case you have. He delivers!!! The people working at the firm too are always helpful, Samantha in particular was always very informative and provided clear directions and details. They are a top

Testimonial by Levy

Kruse law firm took a very stressful situation and made it as smooth as possible given the circumstances. Everyone was very helpful in answering our many questions in a very timely manner. They worked with us to accommodate our needs and we never felt mislead throughout the whole process. Mr. Towes and his office worked hard and got us a great outcome! Thanks so much

Testimonial by Ronald

It is never easy dealing with a Legal Issue, but the moment I was in contact with Kruse Law I knew it was the correct decision. The client experience was beyond my expectations. Anthony and his team of Danielle and Jennifer were top shelf individuals to deal with. I cannot say enough about this firm. Total Rock Stars! If you have a legal issue, hire them.

Testimonial by Glenn

Excellent knowledge of the legal system and the plea bargaining process. The outcome of my matter exceeded my expectations. I would recommended Alec Fiszauf to anyone in need of a Criminal Defence Lawyer! The office staff are also very

Testimonial by Denis

They know what they are doing. Have no problem explaining in layman’s term what is going on. They have helped me in the past and have confidence that they can help me

Testimonial by Perkins

Mr. Toews was extremely helpful in my case. He achieved the best outcome that I could have hoped for. Mr. Toews was able to accommodated me over phone and in person. His knowledge in my case was outstanding. He knew exactly how to proceed to get results. I would highly recommend this lawyer and the team at Kruse law for your defence case. Thank you Karl and Kruse

Testimonial by Clayton

Thanks to the work of Michael Kruse and his staff, the charges against me were dropped. I always felt like I was in good hands and never doubted the outcome. If you’re looking for a tenacious, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer that is on your side, Michael Kruse is the

Testimonial by J. C.

I highly recommend Mike Kruse and his team!! Very helpful and friendly staff, couldn’t be more thankful for everything they have done. Ever so

Testimonial by P. D.

I retained Mike Kruse to represent me on a DUI charge. This was my second offence. He and his team guided me throughout the entire process. They would call me with progress reports and then send me emails going over what we talked about on the phone. I highly recommend him. Fingers crossed I never need a lawyer again, but if I do I will not hesitate hire him

Google Review by K. S.

In March 2017, I got falsely accused and charged of a crime I did not commit by an ex-partner. It was the first time I’d ever been charged and I had a lot of uncertainty of what to do as I knew a conviction would change my life. My very first conversation was with Jodie who was awesome. She spent over 45 minutes on the phone with me providing me comfort, explaining the process, different possible paths through the court system, etc. At no point, did she try to sell the firm to me (in fact, she told me to shop around before making my decision). It was from that time I knew I was going to go with Kruse Law. Alec Fiszauf was assigned to my case and he was great. He had extensive experience in criminal law and it really showed as the case progressed. Right from the start, Alec believed my version of events and we knew we were going all the way to trial (at no point was a plea even suggested). Alec, Samantha, and Jennifer kept me up to date on the status of my case on a timely basis. They showed me nothing but respect from the very start and never doubted my innocence. Alec spend numerous hours in person with me going through all the disclosure, prepping me for examination and cross-examination, explaining the law, and answering any questions I had. Despite me repeatedly asking Alec what he thought of my chances, he never guaranteed anything and waited until all the complainant’s evidence and testimony came out in court (which, in hindsight, is what a good lawyer should do). Alec’s performance in court was great as he was able to ask the right questions of the complainant, while tight-roping around the complicated rules in law that exist in the area, and all the contradictions and lies came out. The judge rightfully picked up on; she spent 20 minutes of the 30 minute oral judgment listing out contradictions and implausibility of the complainant’s version of events. Lastly, Kruse Law has a number of experienced, seasoned lawyers (and former crowns). They know the system inside out, work together and don’t operate in silos. Throughout the process, Alec would bounce ideas off his colleagues and get their opinions on certain aspects of my case. When you hire Kruse Law, you have the firm behind you, not just one lawyer. You get what you pay for. I was very satisfied with the outcome and it was worth every dollar. I would highly recommend Kruse

Google Review by Brandon

I was in trouble, Big Trouble! I was charged by the London O.P.P. with impaired and failure to provide. I was not impaired, and in my opinion treated unfairly by police. I contacted Kruse Law in London, and was put in touch with Mr. Karl Toews. In the first few minutes of our conversation, it was obvious that Mr. Toews was an expert. I did hire Mr. Toews and we went to trial. Police are like anyone else they make mistakes. Mr. Toews spotted those mistakes, and defended my rights. Our result was NOT GUILTY on both charges. This was not an easy case and the odds were not in our favour. Karl Toews and Kruse Law saved my hide, and I will forever be

Google Review by J. S.

A year ago I was arrested for a very serious criminal charge, with potential jail time. This had been my very first offense and it brought a great deal of stress for me and my family. I am in my final year of school, about to graduate, and this charge would have been the end for me. All my 5 years of school would have been to waste, not to mention the amount of money gone, had I have gone to jail. I had the opportunity to work with Michael Kruse on my case. He was very calm, relaxed, and he paid great attention to detail. He was able to prep me in two weeks for my case. He was very knowledgeable and he made it very clear to me how I should present myself in court. I pled not guilty and after an intense three day trial , I was found not guilty and avoided a lengthy jail term. Without the help of Mr. Kruse and his team, my life and career would have been over, but we managed to pull through. I am in forever debt to them and I can now look back at this experience and further persue my

Google Review by P. F.

Mike Kruse and his team were exceptional in every regard after I was falsely accused with sexual assault. From first consultation, over the two years of proceedings and up to the final battles in court Mike and his team were supportive, professional, and worked tirelessly to get me the best possible outcomes. Every detail mattered during my trial and Mike masterfully commanded every detail. His guidance and preparation made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much Mike, from my Family to

Google Review by A. A.

Definitely it was a right decision we made a year ago to choose Mike Kruse as our lawyer to defend one of our family members for aggravated assault charge. With Mike’s and his team expertise and dedication on every detail of the case, charge was withdrawn at the end of trial and relives us from such a stress for the last 12 months. Thanks to Mike and his

Google Review by Tina

At first I was having such a hard time finding a good firm that I could trust, but then I came across Kruse Law Firm and I knew right away that they would be perfect to represent us. They were quick to respond and very helpful in answering all the questions I had. The staff made this very difficult situation go smoothly for us. I am so grateful for finding them as the outcome was awesome. Couldn’t be happier with the service received from this firm. I want to thank Mr. Toews for the great job and the whole staff. I would highly recommend them to my family and

Google Review by Alice

Mr. Alec Fiszauf worked tirelessly on my over 80 charge, going through every little detail and making sure those details were covered and nothing was overlooked. As my case dragged on and I became discouraged, Alec did his best to fight for me and my rights. He was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions no matter how insignificant it was. He made sure I understood the law and prepared me well to take the stand. Most importantly, he believed in me and believed in my fighting chance. In the end, I was acquitted thanks to his tenacity and hard work. He was always on time, very professional and a very kind man. I would recommend him to

Google Review by Kathryn

I was charged with impaired driving and refusal to provide a breath sample. I hired Alec Fiszauf and he formulated a defense strategy and, although I had doubts about his plan, I went along with it and was acquitted on both charges. I was kept informed and led through every step of the process and I found the cost to be very reasonable. Of utmost importance to me is the fact that I was treated like a person instead of a mere case number by Mr. Fiszauf and his kind and wonderful

Google Review by John

When I was first charged with sexual assault, it felt like my entire world crashed. I knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and that I needed an experienced lawyer to handle my case. After doing my research, I chose Mike Kruse to represent me. His expertise was evident from our first conversation, and I knew I was in good hands. Mike and his team were there for me whenever I needed them and were willing to work with me to accommodate my chaotic work schedule. Mike put hundreds of hours into my case, and we met on many different occasions in preparation for my trial. He left no stone unturned. When that day came, Mike showed up to court on time, well prepared, and very well organized. He was able to point out all of the times that my accuser lied and changed his story, and was able to clearly show the court that what I was accused of simply could not have happened. It was a very long process, but hiring Mike Kruse and his team to handle my case was the best decision of my life. He truly is dedicated to his work and I would absolutely recommend him to anybody involved in the justice

Google Review by Drew

When I was falsely accused of sexual assault my life crashed around me. Kruse Law firm tirelessly worked on my case to help me get my life back. Mike Kruse is an exceptional lawyer. He was able to coerce the lies out of the accuser during trial, this was imperative, as she had sounded so convincing when giving her narrative of the events that supposedly took place. However, upon cross examination, she buckled when Mike was relentless with his questioning and that’s exactly what was needed. The devil is in the details, and Mike is very thorough. The judge even made reference to the thoroughness by Mr. Kruse when giving his judgement statement. His entire staff, including other lawyers at the firm, and all office managers spend hundreds of hours on this case as they were all very committed to helping me get my life back. The court process is very long, and Mike Kruse doesn’t come cheap, but at the end of the day and having endured 15 months of living hell, the price of having my life back is worth so much more. The old saying ”you get what you pay for”, is certainly true here. I couldn’t be happier with the result and Kruse law firm is worth it, and as such I highly recommend them to

Google Review by Ben

Mike Kruse and Karl Toews are two of the upmost professionals I have ever come across in the legal profession. They worked diligently, hard and determined. They were always available if I needed to talk and were more than willing to update me about my case at any time. I could not recommend Karl Toews enough. He worked tirelessly to have my charges dropped and most importantly he personally cared about me and my

Google Review by Brian

I felt like I had more to lose than most with my DUI charge because I am not a Canadian resident, and conviction would have meant a 5-year ban from Canada. Karl Towes of Kruise law and his team was so helpful and supportive during the process and eventually secured a huge win with all of my charges being withdrawn completely. I could not have asked for a better result and I am so appreciative of the hard work that was put in by Karl and his team. I would highly recommend their services to anybody in a similar

Google Review by D. G.

Choosing a law firm without having previous referrals was a very stressful situation. We chose Kruse Law based on the Google reviews which were very positive. We were happy with our choice and were very pleased with the professionalism that we encountered. Our first contact was with paralegal Danielle who was very thorough and knowledgeable and guided us through the legal process. She was constantly updating us by email on the progress of the case. In the end we were more than happy with the outcome of our legal case and would recommend Kruse Law without any hesitation. Lawyer Alec Fiszauf worked diligently to get us a positive and fair resolution to our legal issues. Many

Google Review by Michael

Approximately two years after I gave a woman a friendly and consensual hug, I received a call just days before Christmas (Merry Christmas) from a police officer to report to the police Station. The police officer told me that there was a sexual assault allegation against me and they were going to arrest and charge me. I was devastated, as I did not do anything wrong. Before going to surrender myself to the police, I looked through the yellow pages for a criminal Lawyer. I found Kruse Law Firm and asked a couple of lawyer friends what they think about this law firm. They researched it for me and recommended that I retain them. I made my first contact with Jennifer who answered the phone and immediately advised me what to do when I got to the police station . I felt relieved right away due to her great advice. She immediately made an appointment for me and so the process began. They did all the advance work like attending court on my behalf, thoroughly preparing my defence , meeting with the crown and judge and I was only required to attend court when I was needed. I asked for Mr. Kruse himself to represent me at my trial due to his great track record of winning these types of case. I had my first meeting of many meetings with Mr. Kruse and was very impressed with his methodology, hard work and strategic game plan for my trial. He began with a preliminary inquiry and during that process exposed all of the inconsistencies and improbabilities in the Crown’s case which forced the Crown to drop all charges against me after the preliminary. The Crown simply had no case after Mr. Kruse completely dismantled the complainant and other evidence in the case during cross examination. I need to stress the preparation of Mr. Kruse and his attention to detail as I was amazed that during the preliminary hearing, there were times when Mr. Kruse had to inform the prosecutor which dates or what information he was seeking and where to find it. Mr. Kruse and his staff did a fantastic job and I would like to thank Mr. Kruse personally , legal assistants Jodi and Jennifer (who were always pleasant and gave me the reassurance I needed) and Samantha for a job well done. I would not hesitate to recommend the Kruse Law Firm to anyone who is in trouble with the

Google Review by Edward

My case involved an incident alleged to have happened 45 years previously, so it was a terrible shock to be told I was to be arrested and charged, and I was thrown into a state of great anxiety over the possible outcome. A relative found Kruse Law on line. I contacted the firm immediately both by email and phone. This was a Saturday, and I prepared to spend the weekend in a state of anxiety awaiting a response on Monday.But within forty minutes I had a reply from Jody. I was astonished, impressed and relieved, even further so given Jody’s calm and supportive manner, as well as good advice. That opening response engendered not only enormous relief, but also a sense of trust which was nurtured and justified in the subsequent months as the matter was dealt with. From that first moment, and throughout the period that the matter unfolded I felt I was in the most capable of hands. Karl Toews guided the case through the process in a way that inspired me with hope and relieved me of multiple concerns. My point of view was always completely respected, and the route to an ultimate best-case-scenario outcome was always presented in a way that respected and answered any concerns. In addition, Karl’s calmness, kindness, patience and efficiency always assured that there was never any “hassle” in my dealings with my lawyer. I include a thank you to Jody and later Jennifer when I say that I encountered nothing but respect, friendliness, assurance and efficiency in dealing with the firm. Telephone appointments were always scrupulously on time, and any requests I made for further communication with Karl were granted immediately and courteously. I hope never to need a lawyer for a matter like this again, but having Kruse Law by my side in this instance brought many positives to the experience: good people, good advice, empathetic support, completely efficient.And a good outcome. I will always be

Google Review by E. C.

Mike Kruse and his team did a tremendous job when handing a legal matter for a family member. Mike and his team put great effort into understanding the circumstances which resulted in the best possible outcome. Mike is very experienced, knowledgeable, understanding and pays attention to detail. I would highly recommend Mike and his team. Thank you

Google Review by C. S.

Highly recommended!!! Mike Kruse and his team put incredible efforts into my case which resulted in an exceptional outcome. I was informed and updated at all times and Mike always went the extra mile to answer my questions even beyond the actual case. I couldn’t be more

Google Review by A. T.

Kruse Law is a great firm. My case was handled and discussed with me very professionally, diligently and made sure I had all the information needed in order for me to fully grasp my case and win my

Google Review by M. A. A.

On 2017 I was facing speeding and DUI (over 80) charges. Worried for this situation, I started to search for help to resolve this case. From many different options, I chose Kruse Law Firm to represent me in court and it was the best decision I made. Anthony was handling my case and on first trial, He got all my charges dismissed. The team was very friendly, cordial and capable to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I want to thank Anthony for his excellent job and all he did to get me out of this with no criminal record. I highly recommend KRUSE LAW FIRM, Anthony Andreopoulos and Michael Kruse to represent any one facing DUI

Testimonial by C.S.

Highly recommended !!! Mike Kruse and his team put incredible efforts into my case wich lead to an exceptional outcome. I was informed and updated at all times and Mike always went the extra mile to answer my questions even beyond the actual case. I couldn’t be more

Testimonial by Marc

I would highly recommend Michael Kruse and Kruse Law Firm. Mr. Kruse is a very confident and professional defence lawyer. I am very pleased with the results of my criminal case. All of the office managers at Kruse Law were also very helpful and reassuring throughout every step of my case. You are in great hands with Michael

Testimonial by Ron

I recently had a matter that needed to be taken care of with expertise. Kruse Law Firm was there to help. They answered any question and handled my case in a timely manner reducing my stress. I recommend Kruse Law

Testimonial by James

When I first started my search for a lawyer, I had no clue what to expect or how to deal with my Refuse to provide a sample charge. I contacted the Kruze Law firm in Windsor Ontario, after a brief search on the internet. I knew I needed a law firm with a proven record of accomplishment who focused on DUI cases. As the case proceed through the remand process I quickly became aware that I did not just hire a lawyer at the Windsor office I hired a team. Jodie, Danielle, and Jennifer were all very personable, I was always informed (through emails and phone calls) of what was expected of me (which was very little because they handled everything), I was able to continue my life without interruption; it was a very stress free experience. They assigned Karl Toews as my defense lawyer; and what I also liked was that Mike Kruze was consulted on my case completing that team atmosphere at the Windsor office. Karl Toews is an excellent defense lawyer and overall nice man; from our first conversation he never sugar coated my situation or the probable outcome. When I first met Karl, I sensed a true compassion for my future and the detrimental affects the charge of refusal to provide a sample would have on my life. In court, you could sense the respect he had for the courts and the respect the court had for him as well. During the trial his strategy and skill set was evident, through cross- examination he was able to show the court some big discrepancies in the officer’s testimony so much, so that the crown attorney offered a charge of careless driving midway through the trail. After a brief discussion with Karl, we decided to accept the deal considering how much I had to lose and the verdict still could have gone either way. If a reduced charge was not offered, I still felt fully confident that Karl’s strategy and skills would have achieved a favorable verdict. I fully recommend the Kruze Law firm, Thank you Karl, Mike, Jodie, Danielle and

Testimonial by O. M. D.

Anthony was by far a very competent lawyer. His knowledge and expertise were exceptional. Anthony was kind, caring, and compassionate. He helped me along the course of my trial and worked diligently to win my

Testimonial by Zeke

I was faced with a 2nd DUI within 10 years and a schedule 1 possession charge. Facing prison time, and a 3 year license suspension. I chose Karl Toews and Kruse law as my legal representation. I am thrilled and relieved to receive a NOT GUILTY AND A CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE ON THE POSSESSION CHARGE! Thanks to Karl I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD! With Karl and KRUSE LAW I received extremely detailed and formidable legal representation, along with a lawyer who has Crown experience, with an outstanding support

Testimonial by Dan

Kruse Law were very helpful in dealing with my assault with a weapon case. After a lengthy abusive relationship it was difficult to be able to talk about my situation but Anthony Andreopoulos and the team at Kruse law were compassionate hearing my story and in the end with their extensive knowledge were able to successfully defend me in court against all charges. They were very prompt in responding to any questions and concerns I had throughout what was a lengthy and confusing process of going to trial. I believe that I would not have been able to do it if it wasn’t for Anthony and the Kruse Law

Testimonial by Almothana

Working hand in hand with Kruse Law saved my family from being separated from me. They worked day and night to help bring my family and I justice. They are reliable and very

Testimonial by Natalia

Mr. Fiszauf is extremely professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He knew my case inside out and was ready for any questions. Very impressive work ethic! After 7 hrs of trial the “over 80” charge was dropped! Can’t wish better result! I am grateful forever! I highly recommend Kruse Law and Mr. Fiszauf as your lawyer if you are in

Testimonial by Brown

Our firm has used Kruse Law for a period of a couple of years to assist our corporate commercial clients who may have criminal or Provincial Offence matters. Mike and his staff have been extremely professional and have offered meaningful solutions to many of our clients who needed expertise in negotiating complicated settlements, plea bargains or representation in the Criminal Court system. I would refer Kruse Law to anyone in South-western Ontario who might need assistance in these particular fields. I know that Mike Kruse can take a criminal matter to trial or negotiate a practical settlement, when appropriate, as he has an excellent rapport and reputation with the various Crown Counsel in Ontario. Mike and the team of Lawyers and staff at Kruse law provide excellent service and representation to clients in

Testimonial by B. P.

We thank Mr. Karl Toews for his professionalism, caring, kind and thorough care in obtaining a reasonable result in the case. He was very patient and we felt that he was truly committed to obtaining the best result for us. Thank you to the staff whom we always felt comfortable with in making special meetings and times work for

Testimonial by K. I.

Mike Kruse and his team were wonderful in helping me through a difficult time. It was overwhelming and I had no knowledge of the law. Mike and his team provided me with legal advice and guidance. I was always being informed of where we were in the process and what actions needed to be taken. He was quick to respond to my calls or emails. Both Mike and his team were kind and professional. I was happy with the outcome of my case. I would recommend Mike for any criminal case. He is worth the investment and will get the best possible

Testimonial by Paul

I had a very positive experience with Kruse Law and Mr. Toews. He was very professional dealing with our case and everyone at Kruse Law was very helpful. I would recommend this firm and Mr. Toews to

Testimonial by Noah

Mr. Toews was an excellent attorney. He was very diligent and perceptive in the courtroom. He had extensive knowledge and wherewithal in criminal cases, I had multiple charges, and he didn’t just bring hope while i stressed, he

Testimonial by Manual

After being charged with a domestic assault, I wasn’t sure where my life was headed personally or professionally.As a husband, father, and business owner, I was completely distraught and needed the help of a real professional who would be able to help me get my life back. Mike Kruse was incredible. After my three day trial I was found not guilty of my charges. His advice, guidance, counseling, hard work, professionalism and amazing skill in a courtroom has allowed me to continue running my business and is giving me a second chance with my marriage and family. I would recommend Mike Kruse and Kruse Law Firm to anyone in need of a criminal defence

Testimonial by Ron

I have been in the Legal service industry for over 27 years. I have over that time observed and worked with many of Ontario’s criminal lawyers. I can’t over emphasize my respect and admiration of this firm. There is in my mind no other choice. There are few lawyers or firms that equal the Kruse Law

Testimonial by J. T. C.

I would definitely recommend Michael Kruse and Kruse Law Firm to anyone, the turn around rate was incredible on my case. I was charged with a DUI in the states once Ontario was aware of what happened my licence was suspended and was being charged with a DUI. They instantly to actions and within 5 days we had results and wasn’t being charged or my license suspended. You will not be disappointed with the service received

Testimonial by Tyler

I am very satisfied with the way that Mr. Kruse helped me through my case, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would absolutely recommend his service to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation to myself. Thank you for all your effort in helping me win my

Testimonial by J. T.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Fiszauf and the Kruse Law Firm to anyone. I was charged with a dui and they were able to get the charges withdrawn with no implications to my license or to my insurance. You will not be disappointed with the service or the

Testimonial by Brad

Anthony and the Kruse Law Firm were invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. I was charged with sexual assault and throughout the entire process of forming a defense, meetings and the trial itself I felt Anthony and the fellow Kruse Law staff were supportive, kind and professional. Anthony’s tireless attention to my case enabled an acquittal of all charges. I would highly recommend Anthony and the Kruse Law Firm as the team to represent your criminal defense needs because of their exemplary work ethic and because of the successful outcome of my

Testimonial by M. S.

I just wanted to thank the team at Kruse law for your great work and professionalism for getting my matter resolved in a timely fashion. I am happy for the outcome, so once again thank you and keep up the great

Testimonial by P. N.

I am writing this letter to formally thank Mr. Alec Fizhauf for representing me in reference to my recent legal requirements. I found Mr. Fizhauf to be professional, informative, and efficient while displaying a very high degree of integrity. He has kept me apprised of the situation facing me with a very favourable outcome. I will definitely recommend his services to anyone I hear about needing a lawyer. Once again, I thank

Testimonial by Todd Ellis

Kruse Law did an outstanding job handling my DUI. Anthony and Jen got me through an incredibly stressful time. Highly recommend this Law

Testimonial by Franky Bechard

Samantha and Karl were the ones helping me with my case and they delivered on all their promises. They also stuck to their estimated rates and they were very friendly, helpful, and professional. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I’m glad I hired them

Google Review by Bianca Cir

First and foremost I want to thank Kruse Law firm and there professionalism. Samantha and Mr.Karl Toews were extremely helpful and kind. I won’t post my case but it was a tough one and so glad things turned out the way they did, and that was due to the exceptional experience Mr.Toews and the firm have. Highly recommend the firm for any case you might have and that they also don’t rip you off either when we are already going through tough times with our case. Am an extremely satisfied

Google Review by Tina

At first I was having such a hard time finding a good firm that I could trust, but then I came across Kruse Law Firm and I knew right away that they would be perfect to represent us. They were quick to respond and very helpful in answering all the questions I had. The staff made this very difficult situation go smoothly for us. I am so grateful for finding them as the outcome was awesome. Couldn’t be happier with the service received from this firm. I want to thank Mr. Toews for the great job and the whole staff. I would highly recommend them to my family and

Google Review by J. A.

I approached Kruse law back in April of 2018. I explained my rather bleak situation to them and they quickly took action to defend my case. Obviously I had many questions and they certainly had all the answers. Their experienced lawyers thoroughly reviewed my case. This included many interviews with me and and a “deep dive” into all the relevant police documentation. Alec Fiszauf, my assigned lawyer, indicated that I had a really good chance of winning my case in court… and that’s exactly what happened. Alec successful defended my case with the Crown and all charges were withdrawn. Thank you Alec and all the amazing staff at Kruse

Google Review by J. P.

From the very first phone call, I knew I had made the right choice. Mr. Kruze’s team were very friendly and supportive during a highly stressful time. Danielle and Jodie were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the steps and process of our case. When we first spoke with Mr. Kruze, he immediately made us feel at ease. He is an extremely warm person and we felt he truly cared about us. He was always there when we had questions and never hesitated to make sure we understood the entire process and details of our case. I could not be happier with the quick and efficient results he worked diligently to achieve for us. As a parent, I would highly recommend Mike Kruze for his excellent and professional representation in the youth justice criminal

Google Review by B. Smith

I want to take this time to personally thank Mr. Michael Kruse and his staff for their expertise in dealing with my difficult situation. I did extensive research before choosing a lawyer and I can say honestly I chose the best. They were so pleasant and made me aware every step of the way from a legal standpoint of my options. I never felt pressured at any time, and the advice they gave was always in my best interest. They were so personable and relaxed that at times I forgot I was speaking to a lawyer. The service was exceptional, the advice was clear and precise, and the outcome was more positive than expected. I would 100% recommend this legal team. When you get yourself in a bind this team is the one you want. I can only say with gratitude – Thanks to Mike, Danielle and the entire team you are

Testimonial by Andrew

The team at Kruse law firm exceeded my expectations and helped me win a complex criminal law case. In particular, Alec did a fantastic job formulating strong arguments and seeing things from every possible angle. He was also very accommodating and was resourceful in finding evidence that others would have probably missed. Although this location is newer for them, Kruse’s lawyers have extensive experience practicing law and their expertise certainly shows. My lawyer in particular has been doing this for roughly 3 decades. The firm came highly recommended from a friend, and I’m very glad I went with them. If I have any future incidents, it will certainly be handled by Kruse law firm! If you want the best lawyer(s) on your side, look no further. Thank you again for

Google Review by Edwin Cope

Mike Kruse and his team did a tremendous job when handing a legal matter for a family member. Mike and his team put great effort into understanding the circumstances which resulted in the best possible outcome. Mike is very experienced, knowledgeable, understanding and pays attention to detail. I would highly recommend Mike and his team. Thank you