Facing criminal charges puts both your freedom and livelihood in jeopardy. When facing a potential criminal record, the support of a reputable Newmarket criminal lawyer can be pivotal. To increase your chances of a favourable outcome, it’s essential to have a criminal defence lawyer who has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and has successfully guided their clients through their cases. Kruse Law provides legal representation that meets these exact needs.

With a comprehensive grasp of criminal law, legal defences and Ontario court procedures, we are equipped to handle your case. Whether you’re facing a summary conviction offence, serious indictable charge or a DUI, our team of Newmarket criminal defence lawyers is ready to support you. Our defence practice covers various criminal charges, such as:

  • DUI/impaired driving/drinking and driving/refusal
  • All Criminal Code driving offences
  • Sexual assault/invitation to sexual touching/sexual interference/sexual exploitation
  • Voyeurism/child pornography
  • Assault/assault causing bodily harm/aggravated assault
  • Domestic assault/criminal harassment/mischief
  • Drug offences such as possession and trafficking
  • Theft/fraud and other property crimes
  • Murder
  • Any other type of criminal charge

Trusted Legal Service from Newmarket Criminal Lawyers

At Kruse Law, we take great pride in the number of dropped or dismissed charges we have achieved, and the successful negotiations we’ve conducted. We understand that every case is inherently unique. As such, we focus on delivering tailored legal solutions to those charged with criminal offences to address the specific details of their case.

Choosing our Newmarket criminal defence lawyers means securing a team committed to using their experience to protect your interests. Kruse Law will handle your criminal matters with the diligence they require.

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