We will scrutinize the disclosure and evidence to see if the incident in question meets the definition of sexual assault and figure out how you may be able to defend yourself in court. Sexual assault differs from assault because the alleged violence has a sexual context. It involves the intentional use of force to violate a non-consenting person’s sexual integrity or threats that cause a person to believe that harm will result from not complying with demands for sexual contact.

Working with this definition, we will evaluate your case from many angles and devise a fact-based approach to protect your rights in every way possible. To build your defence strategy, we will look at all relevant factors and employ various trial advocacy tactics, including:

  • Examining the credibility and reliability of the complainant
  • Exposing any improbabilities and inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s version of events
  • Exploring the complainant’s possible motives to lie
  • Cross-examining the complainant at trial to create reasonable doubt
  • Determining whether establishing the defence of consent or mistaken belief in consent is a viable trial strategy
  • Ascertaining if your constitutional rights have been violated
  • Figuring out if the complainant’s prior sexual conduct is relevant
  • Deciding whether a third party records’ application is necessary
  • Preparing you to testify to establish reasonable doubt at trial
  • Minimizing your sentence assuming you decide to plead guilty

The representation of a London sexual assault lawyer will insulate you from the mistakes that an accused will invariably make in court if they do not hire a lawyer and try to represent themselves. Allowing a lawyer to speak on your behalf throughout all of the steps of a complex court process and having proper legal representation at your trial or sentencing is of the utmost importance in a situation like this due to the serious consequences.

If you are convicted of sexual assault in London, you will normally be facing a lengthy prison term. It is rare for a person convicted of a sexual assault to avoid a jail term, even for a minor sexual assault. The maximum jail term for a sexual assault involving a person 16 years of age or older is ten years. For a sexual assault involving a young person under 16 years old, or if you are in a position of trust or authority towards a young person, you could be facing a jail term of up to 14 years.

Due to the seriousness of a sexual assault allegation and the potential life-changing repercussions, you do not want to go to court in London without a skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyer at your side.

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Michael Kruse and his team of lawyers at Kruse Law Firm have been successfully defending clients charged with sexual assault at trial for over 30 years. They passionately and effectively defend their clients based on time-tested and proven strategies designed to win cases. The lawyers at Kruse Law Firm will leave no stone unturned in defending you and will use their experience, knowledge, and skill to either win your case or get the best result possible.

Your very first step in alleviating your stress and worry and getting back to a sense of normalcy in your life is to hire a good criminal lawyer. Michael Kruse and the lawyers at Kruse Law Firm have dedicated their legal careers to being the champions of people during some of their most difficult days. We can provide an effective and strategic defence which will be designed to protect your liberty and preserve your reputation.

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