Being accused of sexual assault ranks among the most severe legal challenges one can encounter. With the personal and legal consequences that accompany a sexual assault allegation, securing experienced legal representation is crucial. Our lawyers at Kruse Law are adept in dealing with the complexities of sexual assault cases and building strong defences for our clients. 

The sexual assault lawyers at our firm are dedicated to protecting your rights and future. With a focus on discretion and professionalism, they handle every detail of your case in pursuit of your best possible outcome.

Sexual Assaults and Their Potential Consequences

As per Section 265 of the Criminal Code, the definition of sexual assault falls under the wider scope of assault.  It is characterized by the intentional application  of force, or in these instances, contact of a sexual nature, on another person without their consent. The definition of this criminal offence also extends to include threats that cause a person to believe that harm will result from not complying with demands for sexual contact.

Sexual assault convictions typically results in a substantial period of imprisonment. The maximum sentence for a sexual assault on a person aged 16 or older is ten years in jail. If the assault involves a minor under 16, or if the accused is in a position of trust or authority towards the young person, the potential prison term can extend up to 14 years in the penitentiary. 

Dedicated Legal Support for Your Sexual Assault Case

At Kruse Law, our London criminal lawyers will evaluate your sexual assault charge and devise a fact-based approach to protect your rights. Some advocacy tactics we have had success with in sexual assault trials include:

  • Examining the credibility and reliability of the complainant
  • Exposing any improbabilities and inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s version of events
  • Assessing  the alleged victim and their possible motives to lie
  • Cross-examining the complainant at trial to create reasonable doubt
  • Determining whether establishing the defence of consent or mistaken belief in consent is a viable trial strategy
  • Ascertaining if your constitutional rights have been violated
  • Figuring out if the complainant’s prior sexual conduct is relevant
  • Deciding whether a third party records’ application is necessary
  • Preparing you to testify to establish reasonable doubt at trial
  • Minimizing your sentence in the event of a guilty plea

Considering every case is unique, we will leverage our experience to adapt these strategies to the specifics of your situation and construct the most sound defence possible.

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If you have been charged with sexual assault, reach out to us and schedule a free consultation with one of our sexual assault lawyers. Using their knowledge of criminal law, they will explain how your case will move through the criminal court system, strategize to provide you with your best legal options, and advise you about your next steps. 

Sexual assault cases are complex, and you need an experienced legal advocate in your corner to increase your chances at a favourable outcome. So don’t wait; contact us. We’re ready to help.

Consult our Potential Penalties for Sexual Assault, Minimum Sentence for Sexual Assault, and Protecting Personal Information resources before meeting your London criminal lawyer to make the most of your consultation.

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