In the Brampton area, the lawyers of Kruse Law Firm are known for their record of beating criminal charges. When you are facing criminal charges, the stakes can be pretty high. With a highly skilled team of lawyers, we are available to quickly yet thoroughly review your case and present you with options for the best possible defence.

We take pride in being able to settle many of our cases out of court and achieving the best possible result in negotiating lighter sentences. However, if you find yourself facing a criminal trial, you need to know that you have skilled and competent lawyers by your side. Our law firm is a powerhouse in the world of criminal defence.

Our lawyers are well known in the Brampton area. They have built a great rapport within the legal system amongst other lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. We have successfully represented many clients facing criminal charges in Brampton.

We bring an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, a proven trial record and experience in the courtroom. Whether you’ve been charged with a summary conviction, an indictable criminal charge, a DUI, a misdemeanor, or a felony, we have a team of lawyers standing by for you.

Do you have questions about how to handle your case and achieve the best outcome possible? Our office is proud to offer a free, no obligation consultation so that you can get all of your questions answered. We believe that everyone should know the options available to them before they step foot into a courtroom. Our goal is to have you choose us to represent you for your day in court, but even if you don’t choose us, we believe in letting you know what you may face in open court. Get help today! Fill out our contact form or call +1-800-699-0806 for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Kruse Law Firm operates out of our offices in Kitchener, London, Toronto, and Windsor to assist clients throughout Ontario.