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Kruse Law Firm Kitchener, Ontario
311 Frederick Street
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 2N6

In Kitchener, we are conveniently located just east of the Frederick Street Courthouse on the south side of the street at 311 Frederick.

Before you set foot in a courtroom, it is important to have a lawyer who knows the law as it relates to your criminal case.

In the Kitchener area, Kruse Law Firm stands out as one of the premier law firms in the area of criminal defence. Our experienced lawyers have years of trial experience and have defended clients facing criminal offences such as: impaired driving, assault, sexual assault, domestic assault, firearms and weapons charges, criminal harassment, drug-related charges and more.

No matter what offence you have been charged with, we have a lawyer standing by and ready to discuss your case. The area of criminal law can be a complex maze that is hard to understand. Going into court alone and unprepared is not the way to go.

Over of courtroom experience

Why would you want to go into the courtroom without a lawyer? In Kitchener, Kruse Law Firm has over 53 years of experience behind us. Our history of success in the courtroom defending clients speaks volumes.

We believe that every client needs to be fully informed about their case before ever stepping foot in a courtroom. This is your life and you need to know what options are available to you where your case is concerned. Most people don’t understand the world of criminal law enough to represent themselves. That is why we offer free, no obligation consultations. We like to review your case in detail with you, discuss the possible sanctions and look at the possible defences. We naturally hope that you will choose our law firm to represent you but as previously stated, you are under no obligation to choose us after your consultation.

Call us toll-free from anywhere in Ontario at 1‑800‑699‑0806.

Charged with a criminal offence? Listen to this video to learn the tough questions to ask your criminal law firm before you hire them.

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