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Ontario Criminal and DUI Lawyers
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Simcoe Impaired Driving Lawyers

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Our Impaired Driving Trial Lawyers Serving Simcoe
Can Win Your DUI Case

If you have been charged with impaired driving, do not just plead guilty. Let Kruse Law Firm go to work for you.

Simply being charged does not mean that you will be found guilty. Hiring an impaired driving lawyer or a DUI lawyer that focuses on the defence of DUI or drunk driving charges is imperative to the success of your case. Very few law firms focus a large percentage of their practice on the defence of impaired driving charges Kruse Law Firm is one of them. Kruse Law Firm is one of the industry leaders in defending impaired driving charges. The DUI lawyers at Kruse Law firm have the proven skills and experience that Simcoe courtrooms demand. With over 78 years of combined impaired driving law courtroom experience, Kruse Law Firm will bring “everything they have” to the table to either win your case or get the best result possible.

By simply speaking with an impaired driving trial lawyer from Kruse Law Firm, you will come to understand that a large percentage of drinking and driving charges are winnable. They will take the time to explain the criminal court process what can be done to defend your case.

The consequences of an impaired driving conviction are severe. Let Michael Kruse and his team protect your driving privileges, insurance rates and your record.

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