During our free initial consultation we quote clients for legal fees and clients will often ask us if I’m doing the intake or one of our staff members or lawyers and say “Will it be Mike Kruse who’s doing the trial or guilty plea or resolution or will it be one of the other experienced lawyers?” and what we do is we quote differential rates. All of our lawyers are very experienced lawyers, very capable lawyers and have winning track records. My particular legal fees for doing a trial are higher than the other lawyers. So if you choose to pay those higher rates you can get me. If you choose to pay the lower rate for the other lawyers you will get one of our other experienced and highly capable lawyers. I might add you will be in very good hands with them. So this allows our clients sometimes to work within a budget. Sometimes they frankly cannot afford my legal fees so we try and work within a budget by having differential rates. So that is one of the benefits of going to our firm as well, that we do have differential rates but any route you go with our firm whether you have me do your trial or resolution or whether you have the other lawyers you are going to be in good hands. You’re going to have a lawyer that’s experienced that restricts themselves to only doing criminal law and impaired driving cases and has a good winning track record at getting great results for their clients.
By Published On: August 2, 2023Last Updated: October 24, 2023Categories: General, Video

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