During our initial interview with clients, they often ask us “Why should we hire your law firm? Why should we hire you to defend my impaired driving charge or ‘over 80’ charge?” And that’s a very good question.

First and foremost, impaired driving and DUI is a very technical area of the law. There’s literally thousands of cases that a lawyer has to know and be able to apply in order to win a client’s case. A large percentage of what we do at Kruse Law Firm is focusing on DUI. That’s a very significant amount of our case load. We also do the full spectrum of criminal offences. This is all we focus on – criminal law, the full spectrum of criminal law – and DUI.

Let me give you an analogy. If you’re ill, let’s say you have a heart problem. You don’t go to a generalist – a family physician – to cure your heart problem and perform heart surgery. It’s the same way in criminal law, and the same in DUI law.

I will say this to you: every good DUI lawyer is also a good criminal lawyer, but not every good criminal lawyer is also a good DUI lawyer. You have to focus on this area – this is what we do. And this is one of the reasons why you should hire our law firm. Because that’s what we’ve done and focused on for the last thirty years – including criminal law.

So that’s what I say to clients in this regard.

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