During our free initial consultation many perspective will ask me, “Mike, what will you or your lawyers do differently than another law firm? Why should I hire your firm as opposed to another law firm?” Well first of all, we have several former prosecutors. Criminal prosecutors and drug prosecutors who work for our firm. I myself am a former criminal prosecutor so I have the mindset of a prosecutor in a sense that I can put my mind into the strategy that they’re thinking. That’s a very helpful asset. We put the client first. The client’s needs, the client’s goals are number one in our mind. That’s client centric approach to our firm. We have constant communication with our clients all well. Hard work is number one like skills and experience which we have, 30 years I’ve been at this business that only takes you so far. You can’t just rely on skills and experience. It’s hard work. It’s preparation. It’s detail and let me give you an example from myself and our other lawyers and I’ll compare us to other law firms in this regard. When we get a client ready to testify, say at a domestic assault, sexual assault, a dui case, we spend hours with that client. Mock questioning in-chief examination, mock cross-examination, correcting them, you know, using their personality and their version but we show them how to testify properly because that’s an art form. People don’t just get up on the witness stand, whether they are truthful, whether they are lying or somewhere in between and sound good. It requires preparation by the lawyer and this is what our law firm does. Fees, I can tell you this, obviously we are in business and we are here to make money but fees are probably the last thing on my mind when I am doing a criminal case. If you do good work with hard preparation, you have a client centric approach, you are here to win cases as hard as you can for a client and negotiate the best possible result. The fees follow and the reputation follows. That’s what we will do differently than other criminal law firms and that’s why you should hire Kruse Law Firm.

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