Our clients often ask me “Mike what is Kruse Law Firm’s success rate winning criminal trials? You know when I first started practicing law about 30 years ago I heard an adage from a senior criminal lawyer and he said to me “Mike the definition of a good criminal trial lawyer is as follows: you win almost all of the cases that you’re supposed to win, on 50/50 type cases you win the vast majority of those and on some cases where you have absolutely no business of winning a good criminal lawyer can even pull out a win there.”

The point is criminal law is a vast spectrum of odds of winning. When we get your police reports, we review your version of events, we will be able to give you an idea of what your basic odds of winning. See criminal law breaks down to certain ranges of winning. There are some cases that are completely unwinnable. You’ve confessed to 3 police officers, there are 8 witnesses that you beat someone up. There’s a crow bar at the scene and there’s DNA. There’s no chance at winning that case. There’s some cases that fall into a range of well there’s a lower probability to win. We might win it with some good luck. There’s 50/50 cases. There’s hey looking pretty good or there’s close to slam dunk cases.

The point is as well, if a lawyer says to you “look I never lose cases”, they are either a) lying to you or b) they don’t do criminal trials. Many good criminal lawyers including our firm we sometimes take on very hard cases to win. The client says they’re innocent, there’s a low odds of winning and we sometimes pull out those cases but those cases are easily lost. We have already given the opinion that you don’t stand much of a chance but sometimes we get lucky there. A good criminal lawyer can sometimes pull out those cases. In 50/50 type cases say it’s a domestic assault a he said she said case, no injuries or even minor injuries and the client is claiming self-defence, they haven’t confessed to the police, it’s one witness against the other, a good criminal lawyer in that case can invariably often win those cases at a much higher rate than 50% because those cases the burden of proof is in his client’s favour, there has to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt and it’s a difficult burden for the Crown. On higher range cases we rarely lose those types of cases but those cases are not guaranteed. Again a good criminal lawyer would lose a good slam dunk case even 1% of the time. It happens, things go wrong. We can’t make any guarantees in that regard. We have former criminal prosecutor’s here, we’re very experienced lawyers. We do the full range of criminal law and we do hard cases, we do 50/50 cases, we do pretty good cases that have a good chance of winning and slam dunk cases and I will put our lawyers’ track record up with other criminal lawyers in the province who are at the same level and they have a very good winning track record as do I over the last 30 years. So that’s basically what our success rate is. It’s good. We’re here for you. We are going to do the best we can. We are either going to win your case or we’re going to get the best result we possibly can.

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