Welcome to our website. My name’s Mike Kruse. I’m the principal and owner of Kruse Law Firm. We offer a free, no cost, consultation. I want to talk to you today about what’s involved in that so let’s take your typical charge. You’re charged with a DUI, you’re charged with a domestic assault, a sexual assault or any other charge in the Criminal Code. This is all we do 24/7. We exclusively restrict our practice to criminal law and impaired driving so when you reach us to out to us either in person or phone, you’ll have your charge papers. You won’t typically have your disclosure. What we do is we go through the court process [and] what we can do for you, how things are going to evolve, what are the timelines and what to expect step-by-step. We answer every one of your questions that you may have as well, and generally will receive your basic version of events. Now, at this stage, we really can’t provide you with a full and complete legal opinion about how your case is going to go in terms of winning or losing or whether you’re going to be resolving the case but we can guide you, we can give you some general information, some basics to help you make a decision [on] whether you want to retain a lawyer and to give you some basic ideas about where you can go from here. We also will give you quotes for legal fees, quotes [on going to] to trial, quotes if you decide to try to resolve the matter – so this is a very important interview. It’s the first time you’ve met us and you can decide whether retain us. If the worst comes to worst, at least, you’ve got some free legal advice that’s gonna help you with future decisions you’re going to make in your case and hopefully, we can alleviate some of your stress, some of the uncertainty of the unknown because we get it. Going through the criminal process is scary and we’re here to help you overcome that and hopefully help you win your case so that’s our initial intake. Our initial consultation, it usually takes anywhere from 30- 45 minutes and [from there] we’re gonna help you every step of the way.

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