During our free initial consultation clients or perspective clients will often ask me “Mike should I even hire a lawyer? Will it make a difference?” and there’s an old adage, I love old adages but there’s a particular apt one for that. A self-represented accused has a fool for a lawyer. That is so true. It’s impossible to effectively represent yourself in the criminal court system.

Even one of the highly experienced lawyers such as the criminal lawyers at our law firm, if they found themselves charged with a criminal offence they would absolutely try and find the best criminal lawyer around to defend them. It’s impossible to effectively negotiate the best negotiated plea on your own. It’s impossible to effectively represent yourself at trial and cross-examination, cross-examine a witness. It just doesn’t work and particularly even for a criminal lawyer it wouldn’t work. For someone who doesn’t know the criminal justice system it would be an absolute disaster. So it does make a huge difference. It makes a huge difference in terms of the leniency you might receive on your sentence and negotiations. It makes a huge difference about the odds of you winning a trial. I can’t even imagine a person attempting to defend any criminal case. It’s so technical, you know every aspect of criminal law is technical. DUIs are technical. It just would be a complete disaster. So that’s the short answer to that.

We can take your stress away. We can alleviate your pain in that regard. We can effectively represent you in court. Get you a lenient sentence and potentially win your case but certainly maximize the chances of doing all of those things including hopefully winning your case and that’s what we do and that’s why you need to hire the best criminal lawyer you can find within your budget.

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