I’m glad you could join me today for the video tip of the day and it’s a question which clients often ask us. What the areas of law does Kruse Law Firm practice in? I can tell you that we completely are focused and restrict our practice to criminal law. That is all we do 24/7, within that we also have a large focus on impaired driving law which is a subset of criminal law. That’s all we do. It’s important when you hire a criminal lawyer or hire impaired driving lawyers that you choose a law firm that restricts their practice – that has this focus. Our motto is “Tell us your side and we handle it”. It means we receive your version of events and we handle every other aspect of the case. We care. We take pride in our work. We have committed lawyers who are completely focused in this area. That’s all they do. That’s all we do 24/7. When you come to Kruse Law Firm, we are gonna take care of you. We’re gonna alleviate your stress and we’re gonna try and get the best result possible whether that’s winning your case or getting the lightest possible sentence or getting your case withdrawn. I can assure you that we’re gonna bring everything to the table that we have through many years of practice and experience to get you the best possible result. That’s what you can expect at Kruse Law Firm.

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