Welcome to our website. My name is Mike Kruse. I’m the principal and owner of Kruse Law Firm.I’m here today to talk about a win we just had today in the Toronto courts. This is a domestic assault.

It was a hard-fought two day trial. The thing about this case – it started out as an argument in a parking lot which was witnessed by many witnesses who all testified. The way the evidence came out, all these witnesses initially said in the police reports that my client was the aggressor with his girlfriend.

However, once they testified, they were so inconsistent and my client was so believable that the judge found that the woman was the aggressor. They were misinterpreting events from about 100 yards away. The police attended and investigated that and decided not to lay charges initially.

They did after, though.

Both of them went back to their home, and at their home they got into another major altercation. We maintained that again his girlfriend was the aggressor. The police attended and they saw the two parties on the outside of their porch. Now the police were driving down this winding lane. Their headlights are going off and on the porch. He says again he’s the aggressor. But we demonstrated that there’s no way he could see in the dark from that distance. We did experiments. We proved that the police officer was not credible.

Ultimately, the judge found that my client was credible. The other witnesses were not, including the police officer. So we had preserved his job, he does not have a criminal record, and we had a great outcome. This required many, many hours of preparation. You don’t just show up in court and win these cases. We created reasonable doubt, and my client was vindicated and very pleased. This is the video tip of the day on domestic assault. Thanks for joining me.

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