Thank you for joining me today. I’m here to talk to you about the video tip of the day and that is the topic of theft and fraud cases. Clients come to us charged with these types of offenses all the time, from minor shoplifting right up to, you know, million-dollar fraud cases. Our job as a lawyer is to really explore the disclosure, look at it. See if there’s improbabilities, inconsistency whether the crown can prove the case. Often these cases are winnable. We have many clients tell us, “Look, they’re a bookkeeper. They did everything perfectly. They’re being falsely blamed for something didn’t happen.” So you can create reasonable doubt in many instances. In other instances, the evidence is clearly pointing to the person’s guilt. The person’s told us they did it and they said, “Look, Mr. Kruse, I want to receive the lightest possible sentence.” And that’s our job. Our job is to negotiate in that situation to get the lightest possible sentence. For very minor cases like shoplifting and those types of things there are small-scale steps. There’s programs in the province where you may be able to avoid a criminal record completely called Diversion Direct Accountability Programs. This is something that has to be negotiated. In other instances, because the person has a very good background, they’ve never been in trouble before. They’ve led a blameless life, we may be able to negotiate a joint submission for a conditional discharge so there’s a whole spectrum of these cases. They have to be individually looked at. Every case is different, you may have a winning case but the bottom line is don’t give up hope. You may be able to avoid a criminal record even if your case is not winning and you need to hire a lawyer, who’s experienced. Who then bring your background of the crown who can point out weaknesses in the case and try and either win your case or negotiate the best possible result so that you can get back on with your life.

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