I want to answer a question today that clients often ask me, and that’s “Mr. Kruse, should I fight my impaired driving case? Should I fight my ‘over 80’ case?”The simple answer is ‘yes’. You should always consider hiring and retaining a lawyer to review the charges with you to determine whether your case is winnable, and if they’re not winnable, to negotiate the best result possible. What a lot of people don’t realize is that these charges are not cut-and-dry. A good lawyer can win a fairly high percentage of these cases. A lawyer who has a large practice with DUI and knows this area can find the defences.

It’s very technical. It’s very complex. If you simply attend court on your own and plead guilty, you’re facing repercussions which are very significant, from a mandatory minimum of 1 year driving prohibition up to 3 years. That alone is a reason to negotiate, even if you decide not to go to trial. There’s costs involved, and if you watch my other video there are extensive repercussions (to a guilty verdict), I won’t repeat them here.

But the bottom line is that at least have a lawyer look at your case, get an opinion, and figure out what’s in your best interests on a cost-benefit analysis. “Can I win my case or should I negotiate the best result possible?” That’s what a lawyer can do for you. You can do it on your own, but it’s not a good idea. You’re going to face more significant repercussions and it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to win a case on your own without proper representation from a lawyer that knows what they’re doing.

By Published On: July 26, 2023Last Updated: June 5, 2024Categories: Impaired Driving/DUI, Video

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