I want to talk about a recent sexual assault trial win I had I won’t mention the city or the players or I won’t get into any of the facts to keep the names of the innocent out but this you know, when I first got this case, I’ll tell you on paper it looked like an overwhelming Crown case. You had many witnesses incidentally, who were mostly friends of the complainant saying she was so incapacity, so drunk that she couldn’t consent so they’re right there and then you’re done. If those witnesses are believed, we’ve done it. I met with my client, and I said, I don’t know how I’m going to witness all these witnesses are saying she’s hammered. She’s falling down drunk. He said Mike trust me. That’s not true. She’s got motives to lie, and he started providing me a lot of information, this client is very motivated, obviously can maintain his innocence. I said, Okay, we’re going to go to trial but I tell you, I don’t know how I’m going to overcome these witnesses.

Let’s do our best preparation. We’ve prepared, I spent hundreds of hours of work on this case. So lo and behold, we show up at the trial. And everything he told me came true at that trial. I couldn’t believe it. First of all, the complainant, we were able to expose many motives to lie I won’t get into them. Her story fell apart inconsistency after inconsistency. You wouldn’t even believe it If I told you it became ridiculous the Judge started rolling their eyes. You know, how am I, now I still had to deal with his drunkenness because she said she was hammered. Unfortunately we didn’t have video because it was there was video cameras that were showing her walking in the area at this college at this university but unfortunately they’re out that month. So we didn’t have that. But then these other witnesses, your friends of hers started testifying, they fell apart ultimately they admitted they were, they didn’t come out admit they’re exaggerating, but it became a joke, okay she wasn’t slurring she wasn’t falling down. She wasn’t this wasn’t that.

I mean, I can’t even tell you the problems with this case where the to the point where the judge was was going, oh my god, this this is crazy. And just to give you one example, you know, this woman had testified that she had never interacted with my client before she had never done this or that with him before. You know I had her on video sitting on his lap of previous parties. I thought she would admit that at least. She completely denied that I wouldn’t do that drunk or sober. I confronted her this well it was prophetic. It was like a Matlock moment. I mean, she says I would never do that, I would never do that ,  I’ve never been involved in a case where I went from there’s no chance of winning this until it completely falling apart. And I gotta tell you everything the client told me about this case right from the get go was the truth.

So that was, he got his life back, we were able to win the case. It was it was a very hard fat. It took a lot of work to get there believe it just doesn’t happen overnight. And after seven days of fighting in court, he was vindicated by the judge completely vindicated. So there you have it. That was a recent sexual assault when I had.

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