Welcome to our website. My name is Mike Kruse and I’m the principal and owner of Kruse Law Firm. I’m pleased today to announce that our firm just won a sexual assault trial today. It was a very difficult, hard-fought case. My client had maintained his innocence right from the outset. This is an allegation that occurred many years ago and my client maintained that the alleged victim was lying from the outset. Now interestingly, in most criminal trials that I’ve done throughout my career – judge alone trials, that is – when you win, politically they don’t want to say anything more [than] “well I have a reasonable doubt”, they usually say “well your clients probably lying but he might be telling the truth. I can’t, you know, discount that so I have reasonable doubt and you win.” That’s ‘not guilty’, [and] a win’s a win. In this particular case, we were able to prove that the complainant was lying. The judge found basically beyond a reasonable doubt that the complainant was lying and had a motive to lie for cash, for money, for lawsuits. My client was very excited he got his life back and an innocent man was vindicated and I’m pleased to report this from Kruse Law Firm today.

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