You’ve been charge with a crime such as domestic assault, sexual assault or a DUI and you come to us and you point out that there’s a problem with the paperwork. You were served with a document and the police, for example, inadvertently put the wrong date on it, or transposed something the wrong way, and a common question is “will this result in my charges being dropped?” The short answer to this is “no”. These are very minor issues and it won’t result in your charges being dropped. You have to find much more serious defences than that than simple paperwork or problems with pleadings. I can answer this, that literally hundreds of years when penalties for killing people for minor offences, there were some very technical defences like that but as penalties decreased over the years, the centuries, got rid of those extremely technical defences so you have to find a defence that can self ???? , or consent or find real live Charter issue to win your case, not simply error in paperwork made by the police.
By Published On: July 31, 2023Last Updated: June 26, 2024Categories: Criminal Harassment, Video

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