I’m so glad you could join me today. I want to talk about the Partner Assault Response Program in domestic assault. We call this the PAR program. You know, defense counsel is not all just about trying to get clients off and get rid of their charges. We help people too, many of our clients want to plead guilty in domestic assault or they want us to get the best result. They admit their guilt so it’s not all about just go to trial trying to win Contrary to popular belief.

And our role in this is we want to get the upfront counseling. I try to get my clients into counseling so we can hopefully get them back with their spouse, developed strategies that this type of assault or response never happens again.

And we do that before they go to court. We then try and negotiate to avoid a criminal record. For example, at a minor assault, it’s never happened before, we want to get the couples back together. The wife or husband wants to get back together.

So we’ll go in front of the judge we will plead guilty, look, your honor, we’ve done this upfront counseling, here’s our reports. That’s great. Defense Counsel, glad to hear that. I will agree to a conditional discharge to avoid a criminal record, which is a great result for the client. Now what does the court do? One of the mandated programs in the province is the PAR program the partner Assault Response Program, and this is a 12 or 16 week further counseling program, where top counselors in our province will give people strategies and, you know, for avoiding this type of conduct.

Again, it’s really rehabilitated a lot of our clients over the years and I think it’s a fantastic program in the province. And I’ll tell you, people who go through the program, we admit their guilt, rehabilitate themselves, they’re to be commended. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Don’t they? And I see so many of my clients over the years get that chance and turn their life around and not be assaulted towards their spouse ever again. It’s a great program.

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