I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about one of the areas we focus on. Our lawyers defend a lot of sexual crimes. It’s a big area that we do in addition to our full spectrum of criminal work and DUI work. If you want, take a look at some of the other other videos I’ve done focusing on credibility and reliability in one video and how to win a sexual offense charge. You’re gonna receive some helpful information there. Our lawyers are very experienced in these areas. We have ways and means of winning these cases and developing defences consistent with the client’s version of events. It’s an area that we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on, over the last thirty years of our law firm and in my practice and it’s something that we’re really passionate about in the sense that people deserve a defence. Not everyone is guilty. People come to us and say they didn’t do it. Our job as defense lawyers is to believe them. That’s our job. We have a role to play in society that’s very important so does the crown. They present the case but the bottom line is this, with a sexual offense crime if it’s your word against another person’s worth these cases are often winnable and certainly if you’re guilty we negotiate the best result we can. For example, you tell us you did it or you confess to the police but for those who are maintaining their innocence, we’ll defend you vigorously and passionately and we bring everything to the table that we have ethically and properly in the courtroom to win your case.

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