I want to talk to you a little bit today about my background as a criminal lawyer for the last 30 years and my background as a DUI lawyer and I wanted to also talk a little bit about our law firm, the structure of our law firm. First of all, I graduated from Western Law School at the University of Western Ontario in 1987. I was called to the bar in 1989 and I always have a passion to be a criminal lawyer. That’s all I wanted to ever do. In 1989 I started working with the Ministry of the Attorney General as a criminal prosecutor and that’s a job I held for four years but I knew I wanted to leave the office. My goal life wasn’t necessarily to put people in jail for the rest of my life. I wanted to gain the experience of being a criminal prosecutor since it’s so helpful to learn the angles of how to prosecute a case when you become a defense lawyer. It’s so helpful to know what the other side’s thinking. I opened up a private practice in 1993 and I’ve been practicing criminal law and DUI law ever since. That’s all I do 24/7 and I restrict my practice in these areas and that’s very helpful to clients who are looking for help in these particular areas. When I was with the ministry Attorney General, I did the full spectrum of prosecution of criminal matters, you know, from aggravated assault, domestic assault, DUIs, impaired driving, theft, fraud cases, violence cases, you name it. I recall back at that time I did approximately about 15 jury trials during my four years with the ministry Attorney General when I started a private practice I had a vision that, you know, I’m just gonna work in this area, I’m gonna build a law firm over the years so I started in 1993 in private practice and in 1999 I decided to expand so I said look I wanna, you know, slowly take in other lawyers who are confident, to work with me as associates so we built from there and I’ve continued to do jury trials. I’ve continued to do the full spectrum of criminal law and of course DUI law as well as it is a large part of our practice as well, so this is all we do 24/7. We opened up offices in Toronto, we opened up offices in London and we opened offices in Windsor and we handle all of the courtrooms in between, you know, most of the courts in Western Ontario, very close to those locations and we have a number of lawyers who now work for Kruse Law Firm who are very passionate about criminal law and that’s all they do, too. They restrict their practice to criminal and DUI law we’re here to help and we have a passion and our lawyers, I know, have courage and experience in a courtroom. That’s what it takes to win a case and that’s what we’re gonna bring you at Kruse Law Firm.

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