Will you be able to travel to other countries? If you plead guilty or you’re found guilty of impaired driving over 80 or a refusal charge. This is a question that everyone wants to know. And it’s pretty easy, yes for this and generally speaking, and I’m not an immigration expert by any means, when I say this, I consult with many immigration lawyers and border officers, police officers, you name it over the years because I deal with this issue, but the short answer this is you should not have a problem traveling outside of Canada with a onetime DUI or impaired driving conviction. Just taking the States for example, as I understand that their Immigration Act basically breaks offences down to crimes of moral turpitude, and crimes of non-moral turpitude, moral turpitude, moral meaning like theft, fraud, things that affect morality. Impaired driving is not considered to be moral turpitude so. You should be able to cross in the states. The only caveat that I represent, you know, one of our offices is in Windsor. So, we’re at a border town, and we represent hundreds and hundreds of people in Windsor over the years but I will say this, I’ve seen very rare time I’ve seen a border guard make mistake and refuse someone entry at the border when they shouldn’t have, you would be able to clear that up but it’s a very it’s a rarity. Now I can’t guarantee you the law’s not going to change tomorrow morning. But that’s been the law for many, many years ever since I started practicing 33 years ago. The U.S. Don’t refuse Canadians with DUI convictions. So surprisingly, we do to Americans. I don’t know why it seems unfair and I hope they don’t retaliate. But there were some grumblings about that by some senators in the states a few years back, by the way, but hopefully, nothings ever done about it. Because I think people will just a simple DUI should be able to travel. Europe’s no problem come any Commonwealth country. I’ve never heard of a problem but the only very narrow problem I’ve heard is one or two people I’ve heard that a border guard mistake, but that got cleaned up. So that’s it basically about a short primer I mean, again, I’m not an immigration lawyer. It’s just from me, talking to many immigration lawyers over the years about this issue and reading the statute as well.

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