I’m glad you could join me today. My name is Mike Kruse and I’m here to talk about our competitive legal fees model that we have at our law firm. Right from the very first initial intake we have with you, we are gonna quote you exactly what your legal fees are gonna be on most cases. In very serious cases, it’s more difficult to do that but we will be able to give you a range that your legal fees will be for more serious cases. But in simpler cases, summary conviction cases, such as DUI and domestic assault, we will quote your legal fees. We have what I call a ‘competitive model’. We look at the industry standards. We look at lawyers of similar caliber to us and we try to match their fees. But it’s very important for you to understand that there’s a difference between value and costs. In other words, the old adage goes ‘you pay for what you get.’ So don’t just look at costs. You’re facing a very serious charge and you want to try and get the best representation possible but I can assure you that our fees are competitive within the industry if you look at similar caliber law firms. We‘re gonna be right within the range of those firms and you’re going to get good results at the Kruse Law Firm. We’re going to bring everything we can to the table to focus on your case. Tell us your side, we handle it.

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