This is a really interesting topic I want to talk to you today about it.  I’ve been reading and watching YouTube videos about it and then hearing about it on the news and that’s artificial intelligence and you know, we’ve got this chat GTP which seems to be a fantastic program I’ve been just fooling around with it just you know, it’s interesting to do see what it could do but it’s amazing actually what it can do and we’re just in its infancy for artificial intelligence and people the world over are worried about how this is going to affect the world jobs and God it’s just in its infancy. It’s just quite amazing. I think some lawyers are concerned about this. We’ve had a concern about it as well. And I want to talk to you a little bit today at how this might affect criminal lawyers, criminal law research that’s done and just touch on some other topics about lawyers as well. Well, I’ll tell you, your criminal law like every area law is complicated and it’s in its infancy really these artificial intelligence who can’t really handle it. But, you know, I foresee a time where these artificial intelligence is going to be able to do legal research, take the database of 1000s of Canadian cases and synthesize it spit out an answer that’s, that’s valid and true. Maybe even draft factums. We have to do written legal submissions, you know, organize a case for you do all sorts of things. But ultimately, don’t forget, as a criminal lawyer, you have to show up and do a trial in court. That’s a human element. Right now we’re lightyears away from a robot being able to do that. There’s no way I mean, I’ll go head to head with these things. Every every time right now. But I’ll tell you, I don’t know. Maybe in five to 10 years now I’ll be displaced. I mean, who knows I might be sitting on the beach in Costa Rica sooner than just kidding sooner than I anticipated. But it’s an interesting issue. I think that criminal lawyers our arts are safe. It might help with their practice. It might shorten some things. People might be able to get more information as well online and do a little bit of their own research, but ultimately, you need someone to give you advice. But having said that, who knows what the future holds. Who knows how, where artificial intelligence is heading 10 years from now. I predict that it’s going to be amazing and not necessarily amazing for job situations or criminal lawyers. It may really limit us I don’t know but ultimately I just don’t see a robot doing a trial in the foreseeable future criminal trial, or civil one for that matter. But you know, if I’m another type of lawyer, like let’s say, I’m a corporate lawyer, well, these things it appears to me that within a short time these things learn and right now even chat GTP can do rudimentary contracts and things what can what’s, what’s Google going to  come up with in five or 10 years? How is it going to affect corporate lawyers, tax lawyers? Otherwise I don’t know what the answer to that is. It might allow people to represent themselves to a certain extent in terms of doing their documents. You know, let’s say you need a shareholders agreement done. Well, maybe it can do that and you just need to take it a lawyer to have a final check. Who knows what the answer is, we’re in its infancy. I’m amazed with the capacity of chat GTP right now, what it can do. It’s spit out the wrong answer and put in some criminal law questions to it, but it had some right answers to it and it just in its infancy, so there you have it. So a bit of a lighthearted day. You know what, maybe, maybe I can be on the beach in five or 10 years and get rid of all this stress because I’ll tell you being a criminal lawyer, it’s awfully stressful sitting in court and doing your two week three week long jury trials that we do all year and trials. So but, you know, it’s an interesting topic that’s going to continue in the news. and I think it’s worrisome for a lot of people in their employment about where artificial intelligence is headed to. You know, Elon Musk, for example, is very concerned about or he seems to be a pretty bright guy a little controversial. So it’s a controversial topic. I think I’m secure my job in the next 10 to 15 years hopefully and maybe then I can go sit on the beach in Costa Rica.

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