Our law firm represents a lot of people who are charged with theft, theft of large items, small items, money, bank issues, you name it. And, you know, obviously our goal, whenever you come to us is to try and win your case and I did another video on how to get these types of charges dropped and should watch that video. This particular video that I’m about to do, I’m going to discuss the issue of how to win at trial. So in other words, the crown is not prepared to drop the charge, they’re not offering a good deal that the client wants to take. And we feel it’s a potentially winnable case we’re heading off to trial. So the most important thing that just like any other criminal charge, the crown already has approved several things, the elements of defense they have to prove that you’re the one that did it, that you did the act and that you had a guilty mind that’s called men Latin term is mens rea, meaning you had guilty attention. So as a lawyer, I’m looking to see if there’s a defense for any one of those issues on a theft crowd. It really boils down to that. So very early on in the case after you retain us right away our staff is going to order the the disclosure that is all of the witness statements against you the police reports the police notes, any surveillance banking records whatever the disclosure is, it could consist of 50 to 100 pages on a simple case. up to 1000s of pages in theft of large scale baking theft, you name it. bookkeeper Saft you know Calvin Calvin stealing from clients you name it.
By Published On: July 27, 2023Last Updated: June 5, 2024Categories: Theft, Video

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