Welcome back to our YouTube channel. I got an interesting topic today. A lot of our clients are repeat offenders. They got multiple DUIs, and they’re facing a mandatory minimum jail term under the Criminal Code. For example, if it’s your second DUI and you plead guilty, you’re going to face a 30-day jail term. So let’s assume a client of ours has no chance of winning a particular case and they got a prior conviction. Well, what can we do?

Well, here’s the good news in Ontario, and this is particularly evident after COVID A lot of Crown prosecutors and a lot of counties are agreeing to what’s called a conditional sentence order. Now that’s an order of house arrest. So a person for example, who’s got a second DUI, say there’s no defense we can get them house arrest in many counties that the crown’s will agree to joint submissions. So that’s great news. I mean, your restricted, your in house arrest, but you can work you can continue your job, your employment, go to church and you can get your groceries on the weekend and attend your medical appointments.

So, basically that’s what I do. You know, I go to work and go home to my wife. So you’re under house arrest. It’s a bit restricted, they have a GPS, but it’s great news for our clients. Now, this is not every county but I’m finding most of the counties that we practice in across Ontario are doing this and it’s wonderful news for our client and they’re very happy in the sense Hey, I’m not sitting in jail for up to six months or nine months. ‘ve got house arrest, I got my GPS but at least I can enjoy my wife and house and kids and continue and not lose my employment.

So there you have it. It’s a good tip for clients on repeat offenders depending on the county you live in.

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