How long will it take to complete your DUI case in Ontario? Well, it’s not a simple question. Not this, it is a simple question, but there’s not simple answer to it. It really varies. It’s going to depend on I’ll break it down this way. So, you know some cases are resolved by way of a guilty plea or withdrawal before setting a trial date. Other cases go to trial. So, let’s talk about the resolution. So, in that case, you’re going to have a first appearance and I would say I resolve a lot of cases within one to say three outside four sometimes a longer within one to three to four months of the first appearance either a guilty plea, or careless, lesser careless or withdraw the charge just as an example. It varies, but that’s a rough guideline. Now, if if we haven’t been offered a careless deal or withdrawal, but we think we’ve got a reasonable chance of winning, how long is your trial going to take? Well, that’s a loaded question too, because every county in the province is a little bit different. Some don’t have a very busy docket. You can get a quick trial date others it’s very difficult to get a trial date and there’s a lot of delay but I would put it this way. In a less busy County in Canada smaller county with little crime and not a delay problem. I would say this from the date of your arrest, till the end of your trial could be as little as eight months possibly in a busier in a very busy jurisdiction, maybe even 12 to 15 is sometimes even up to 18 By the way, it’s not supposed to go past 18. But I’m going to say the average is probably 10- 12 months after the day you’re arrested at your trial. And that’s kind of a rough guideline of your trial times and how long that’s good. So it takes time. It’s even in a less busy County, the courts are busy. And sometimes we can get cases resolved quickly in a month and sometimes you know, three or four months before I can convince the crown to withdraw your charge or get careless play. So that’s in a nutshell about your timelines for resolving DUI proceedings to trial in Ontario. Thanks.

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