Hi, I’m Mike Kruse. I’m here today to talk about defending drug charges.

Many of our clients are charged with this type of offence and come to see us for advice and representation.

I can advise you that we have a very winning track record across the province and in every city that we’ve been working doing this type of cases.

The question that’s posed is “What is the strategy Mr. Kruse? How do we win? What do we do?”
The first thing we do is we get a hold of all of the police reports to try uncover every stone and every facet of the investigation.

It’s very important then that we analyze and try to figure out ways and means of winning your case.

There’s all sorts of issues in any typical drug cases, from search issues, charter issues, undercover informants, wiretaps, there’s.. it’s a very complex area of law and our lawyers know it well.

And we’re often able to negotiate a lesser charge. The key for many clients avoiding a jail term and when they’re charged with, say for example drug trafficking cases, oftentimes we could plea it down to a lesser charge.

If we spot issues in the disclosure, we can point this often to the Crown attorney and gives us bargaining power.

Now, we often take trials in court and win as well.

I can advise you that there are several lawyers who work for us across the province who are former prosecutors, including one of our top lawyers, Alec Fiszauf, who is a former drug prosecutor for years at the Bradford area.

He does cases across the province. I myself as well, am a former prosecutor. And knowing this,it helps to know both sides of defence. It helps strategize to win your case.

So call now, get the expertise you need, the training and the experience of former drug prosecutors on your side and get the Kruse Law advantage.

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