Our law firm represents a lot of people who’ve been charged with drug cases, drug trafficking, drug possession, conspiracy, possession for the purpose of trafficking. And we have quite a good winning rap, track record in this regard. And, in fact, one of our senior lawyers is a former drug prosecutor, very experienced man who is an expert in this area as well as all of us are. And clients come to us they said, what’s your strategy like? How are we going to resolve or work with this case? Or win this case? Well, first and foremost, we need to get hold of disclosure. That is all the police reports the evidence that the Crown has against you. We’re going to review that and we’re going to see if we can win your case outright first of all, and many of these cases can be won. It’s a very technical area. It’s very complicated, especially wiretap evidence and conspiracy evidence and possession cases can be very complicated as well. There’s many defences to these charges. And if we can win your case, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to try and win it. We’re going to set it for trial. We’re going to try and convince the crown to drop the charges. In many cases the crown will drop and they might as a compromise plead to a lesser charge. So instead of facing a jail term, we could plead to a possession charge where you know, we can avoid a jail term. In some cases, we can avoid criminal records on more minor charge with conditional discharges and other cases we get the charge withdrawn. So, there’s a wide range of outcomes to drug cases from you know, you know, minor cases where you’re you can get a conditional discharge on a, you know, the odd possession of cocaine. Minor possession for personal consumption, you might be able to avoid a record. Right up to conspiracy charges where you’re facing years in jail for like, you know million pounds of cocaine or oxy or whatever, you’ve been cooking up in your lab, unfortunately. And we’re here to help you whether you’re guilty or innocent, or somewhere in between, we’re going to find a way to get the best result we can. We’re here, if you’re guilty, we’re here to minimize your jail term the crown might be asking for 10 years in jail, the appropriate sentence might be five. You know, we’re going to try and get that five not the 10. And convince the judge, you know, presenting your background and you’re good person you never been in trouble before, you just screw up unfortunately. So, it’s a very complicated area. You have to know what you’re doing. We have the expertise here to help you. And if you have a drug case in Ontario anywhere in Ontario, and we have also physical offices in Toronto, London, Kitchener Windsor and all the areas in between we service as well. So, you know, for example, you could phone our Toronto drug lawyers and get a good opinion about your case and a free consultation and we can help you get the best result possible.

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