How long will you lose your license and be prohibited for driving for first time impaired driver, blowing over the legal limit or refusal? Obviously, the question the clients asked me all the time. So basically, what happens is this, so if you’re charged with any form of drinking and driving, the first thing is that the police are going to suspend your license 90-day administrative license suspension, automatically for 90 days. Whether you win, lose or even if you’re charge gets withdrawn, you have to sit out that ninety days your licence is suspended administratively. Now if you plead guilty to the impaired driving, the judge is allowed to prohibit you mandatory one year minimum, up three years now it’s rare to get three years very rare. Definitely pretty serious incident. I’ve seen 18 months I’ve seen two years, by the way, but usually for most first-time offenders unless it’s really egregious facts. You’re going to be able to look at a one-year mandatory minimum from the judge. What the ministry does is they’re going to send you a letter in the mail as well. They have their own suspension scheme as well, the Ministry transport. They are going to suspend you for one year as well. It runs at the same time as the judge’s prohibition. This of course, is to subject to Stream A-Ignition Interlock as well, which is a program that you can look up you’ll see that in one of my other videos where you might be able to get an interlock device in your car after three months from the date to plead guilty for the additional nine months of your one-year suspension. So, I asked you to look at that video because it’s very important information on there. So that’s the short answer about what’s going to happen to your license for a first time DUI in terms of suspensions and driving prohibitions.

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