Welcome to our video, I have a great question today and that’s whether convicted sex offenders have to notify their neighbours of such in Canada, very great question. I mean the simple answer to that is, “no”. There’s no obligation on a person who has been convicted of any type of a sexual crime to notify anyone that they have been convicted of that crime. Now if you look in the states, I just wanted to compare a little bit about the states, we both have an actual sexual offender registry, and I understand in many states you would be able to look up to see where these people live. You can do that, the database in Canada is not accessible. So, when someone is convicted of a sexual type crime whether it be sexual assault, sexual interference, voyeurism, child pornography, they could be subject to what they call a SOIRA order, S-O-I-R-A: -Sexual Offender Information Registration Act, and it’s in the judge’s discretion to order them onto that registry, for many, many, years. That registry is quite onerous, because they have to report, report any conditions every year, have to notify the police of employment, where they are living, change of address, there’s all sorts of requirements for the police to keep tabs. This database is only accessible to certain people, principally, the police, and crown attorneys, authorities and not to any other individual, so that’s certainly something that people have to do, if they are ordered by the judge. Interesting point. The Supreme Court of Canda in 2022, they actually struck down, the mandatory order. It used to be mandatory for judges for basically all the types of sexual assault type offences, to order people onto this registry and the Supreme Court of Canada that was unfair for certain minor sexual type of offences, so now your client can have attempt to have the judge’s exercise discretion not to give that order, if they are convicted, but practically ninety-nine or more percent are getting convicted of sexual offences still have to go on that registry. It’s a very narrow factual circumstances, where it’s fair where a person does not be on it, I mean, very narrow. So, there you have it, that interesting question about whether you have to report that your sexual offender to your neighbour, the answer is” no” and that leads to some other interesting things. There are reporting conditions and rightfully so, for someone who is convicted offender because we need to protect the public in Canada.

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