Will your Ontario DUI conviction transfer to other provinces? Well, first of all, if you plead guilty or you’re found guilty of impaired driving blow over the legal limit or refusal in Ontario, the judge is going to prohibit you from driving Canada wide, there’s going to be, for example, typically on a first offence for impaired driving a one year driving prohibition. So, if you’re an out of province driver so let’s say you have a British Columbia licence plate or Alberta, what is it going to additionally happen is your home province Ministry of Transportation, they’re going to send you a letter suspending your licence via their scheme. So, each province has their own setup, different suspension schemes, different interlock schemes, and you’re going to be subject to that so you’re going to get a double whammy, you’re going to get prohibited Canada wide, then you’re going to have to go through whatever program they have in that province. For example, and I’ve got other videos about this in Ontario, the ministry of transportations going to suspend your licence for the same one year but requiring you to back on track program which is about $675 bucks though $634. Last time I checked, seems to go up every month now. But, you know, you then may might be able to get ignition interlock. So, every province has their own scheme and you may have interlock in your province and you can follow up and do that. But that’s the problem is you’re not going to be able to escape it is a Canada wide driving prohibition, and then you’re going to be subject to the scheme of the Ministry of Transportation for your home province who’s going to send you that letter unfortunately, say look, you got to do A, B, C, D E to get the licence back. And that’s money they may have back on track programs; there’s licence reinstatement programs and they may have interlock as well. So that’s it, in a nutshell on what’s going to happen how it’s going to transfer your province as well.

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