I’m really glad you could join me today. My name is Michael Kruse. I practice with Kruse Law Firm. Our firm practices exclusively in the area of criminal law and impaired driving.
Obviously the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a great effect on the world and of course on Canadian society. It has also tremendously affected our court system across the country including in Ontario.

There’s been a lot of misinformation though about the effect on the court system and for this reason I wanted to do a series of videos on just how has the covid pandemic affected the court system in Ontario and that is the criminal court system. Some of the topics I will be talking about are on the effect on out-of-custody criminal cases, in-custody criminal cases, domestic assault, sexual assault and impaired driving, which are some of the key charges in our justice system. I’m also going to be talking about how our courts and that is the Ministry of Attorney General has worked very hard to modernize our court system with new technology and to deal with the virtual reality.

I really want to hope that you stay safe and well during the covid pandemic and I really hope that you enjoy these videos and find them helpful for the legal situation you are particularly facing.

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