The topic that I’m gonna speak about today is very interesting and it’s simply this – clients ask me this all the time. “Can the police pull over my vehicle for any reason in Canada?”, and the simple answer is if the police articulate things properly they can. A police officer is entitled to pull you over, for example, just to check your license for a safety check of your vehicle to, you know, ask you questions but a police still has to have legitimate reasons for pulling you over and that’s a legitimate reason under the Highway Traffic Act – a safety check. Other reasons to pull over or you know you’re swerving, you’ve committed a highway traffic offense or there’s been a report about your car but you being impaired, etc. What the police cannot do is you know pull you over for no reason whatsoever based you know for example there’s been racial profiling cases that would be an unlawful detention and we’d be able to win that case but the bottom line in Canada, the police have very wide grounds to pull you over if they’re clever enough to articulate it properly. There’s going to be no problem with that pull over. You’re not gonna be able to challenge under our Charter but there are situations such as racial profiling or when the police really can’t articulate in court that you’re pulled over for a reason where you could win your case.

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