I have had many clients say to me over the years, “Look Mike, the police lied to me , I was in the confession room and they were making up evidence against me , saying there’s this witness and that witness, and they were pointing to empty boxes which turns out to be empty boxes of materials in an attempt to get me talking and a confession and I felt so much pressure, as a result over lies which I thought was the truth that I eventually gave a confession. “

Are the police allowed to lie ? Unfortunately, this is a very accepted technique, that is good policing it happens all the time, it’s one of the reason why you should remain silent. In the face of a police investigation when you are being a accused of a crime, and the police have various techniques including the read technique, is a really clever technique which I covered in a blog, about how to get you talking but one of the accepted tactics is to lie to you, because the case against you is overwhelming , you might as well help yourself out now , you get talking about it , and when that case goes to trial, sometimes there’s no way to kick out that confession and the judge is going to say “ yeah, certainly the police are allowed to lie, you are convicted” So that’s something to keep in mind, and you should always bear in mind, the exercise your right to remain silent in the face of police questioning when you are being accused of a crime or under suspicion by the police. I cover that topic in another blog or video which you should watch as well. So that in a nutshell is the answer to the question, “Can the police lie in interrogation?” Absolutely, they can.

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