Hi, I’m Mike Kruse. I’m here today to talk about border crossing. What if you have a criminal record and you want to travel into United States? This situation causes many people concerned ‘coz they like to travel or they have employment. There are many types of criminal records which may preclude you from crossing. What typically happens is after you’re convicted is gonna be entered in a see pic system and a border guard may have access to that when you cross the border. For example, when you show the passport, they may ask you about your criminal record as well. The border guard then makes the decision whether to refuse you entry into United States. I can advise you this that post 9/11, many people are being refused were very minor criminal records. It seems to me that there’s no hard and fast rules though. Each situation is different and has to be analyzed different and the problem is the law in any given situation is that border guard. The border guard might make a mistake for example. For example on a.. on a summary conviction matter or certain summary conviction minor matters, they’re not supposed to refuse you but they might. In that situation then, you have to clear the situation up. You have to apply for a waiver and get in touch with the immigration authorities which can be a lengthy process. The bottom line is criminal records and convictions have serious consequences. It’s much more serious post nine eleven. And the situation is very fluid each year. Give us a call. We often can avoid criminal records. We can win cases and we can help you get the best result you can.

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