Thank you for joining me today. I wanted to talk to you about what are called ancillary orders in sexual assault sentencing. What do we mean by ancillary, we mean orders that support the main sentence. So obviously in a sexual crime, there’s almost invariably unless it’s such a low level offense, a significant jail term, but there’s also the supportive orders that go into you know, protecting the victim and society and these are very important orders and I like to try and go through all of them with you briefly and just kind of list them.

The first one is what’s called a SOIRA order. Sex Offender Information Registration Act. I did a video on that you should watch that as well.

That’s where you have to register as a sex offender in Canada for 10, 20 year or lifetime, depending on the nature of the crime, the severity of it, you know, there’s a DNA order where you have to provide a sample of your blood or a swab, interior swab, you have to show up at the police station, and that goes into a DNA database so we can solve for future crimes in Canada. There’s going to be non contact orders where you can’t contact the victim that’s so important, right, that the person’s been sexually assaulted. You shouldn’t be ever talking to that person again. There’s other orders that are on crimes involving children.

There’s gonna be things like you can’t attend public parks for children or you can’t coach, you can’t access the internet, and things like this is, it’s so important. So there’s just a whole panelope of these ancillary orders, which gives support to society to make sure these things don’t happen again, that we have protection. And these are important orders. And I think obviously, probably the most important one is a non contact order for the future, no contact with the victim. So there you have it, there’s the ancillary orders which support a sentence in addition to jail and our probation, support a sentence for sexual crimes in Canada.

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