During the COVID pandemic, the Ministry of Transportation extended the 90 day window for Stream  A Ignition Interlock to 282 days. You’ll recall I did previous videos if you want to take a look at what Stream A Ignition Interlock is and what stream D is as well that’s fully explain there. In a nutshell, Stream A is where you plead guilty within 90 days under the old law to a DUI and are able to get the Ignition Interlock in your car from the rest of your nine month suspension for the full year as a quick example. So what’s going on right now is the government, the Ministry of Transportation, has just announced that they’re going to repeal the 280 days. So as of May one, of this year, that’s very important to mark out if you have a DUI in the , pending right now or impaired driving, as of May one 2023, the 282 days is really being repealed and they’re going back to the 90 days. So for example, if you have a case in the system that is more than 90 days old as of May one, you need to plead guilty before May one. So going forward now all cases, you’re going to have to plead guilty within 90 days to get stream A or D by the way, I won’t get into Stream D that much, you can look at that my other video. So this is very important. You need to review your case right now and see how old the cases in relation to May one. If it’s 90 days, if it’s going to be older than 90 days as of May one, you need to bring it forward and plead guilty. If you intend to do that. Maybe you’re going to trial. But very important point. I’m very concerned that the hundreds of 1000s of cases in the province might get caught by this and people need to know this. This was just announced by the Ministry very recently and it kind of caught people by surprise I kind of thought that the 282 days was working great and I’m surprised in a way that they don’t, uh, they  didn’t keep that because it was a bigger window to allow people whether it’s time to keep guilty. So very important market data if you’re facing that and take note of it for the future. So and especially after May one of course if you’re charged you have to plead guilty within 90 days, but one quick, you don’t have to plead guilty to qualify you need to plead guilty. One quick caveat, though. Don’t pretend it’s 90 days, pretend it’s 89 days because we found that the Ministry, the ministry, even though it says 90 days of legislation, It ain’t. It’s 89 days and people have been caught in that too. So mark that down, eighty-nine days is the date to plead to qualify for Stream A or D.  Now, on that note, we have offices across the province in Toronto, Kitchener, London and Windsor for example, you could call our Toronto DUI or impaired driver lawyers and get the advice you need today for free. Thank you for joining me and have a great day.
By Published On: July 26, 2023Last Updated: October 5, 2023Categories: Impaired Driving/DUI, Video

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