The topic today is a question that people often ask us at our initial consultation. “Why should we hire you?” Why should we hire Kruse Law Firm? I’m gonna give you eight reasons why you should hire our law firm. First of all, we offer a free consultation. That initial consultation is no cost and no obligation. Secondly, and this is very important, we restrict our practice. We focus exclusively on the full spectrum of criminal law and also impaired driving or DUI law. That’s all we do 24/7 and that’s so very important when you’re charged a criminal offense or DUI. That’s what you need, a lawyer who focuses on those areas. Thirdly, we have three former criminal and drug prosecutors including myself. These people learned the ropes from the crown attorney’s office and they came over on the defense side and that’s so very important and helpful as well because we understand the mind of the prosecutors in the province. We learn the ropes so to speak by prosecuting these very cases: criminal, DUI, and drug charges. Fourthly, our lawyers have a consistent winning track record of winning criminal and DUI cases across the province. Fifth, teamwork, we have a number of lawyers here. We share ideas, we share opinions, we review cases together and that’s helpful. Several minds are much better than one mind. No man’s an island and no woman’s an island either and that’s the way we approach it here at Kruse Law Firm by a teamwork of trying to win your case and put our ideas and minds together. Sixth, value. There’s a big difference between value and cost. They’re not the same thing. We bring value. We’re gonna help you at every step of the way and we have reasonable and competitive legal fees. Seventh, client communication. At every step of the way, we’re gonna advise you of the process – where we’re at in the process and how we can help you with your case and give you the advice you need. Finally, caring. Caring is shown in our model. Our motto is tell us your side, we’ll handle it. What does that mean? It means you tell us your version of events. We handle everything else. We’re competent. We’re caring. It’s client service and client focus. That’s what that model means. Those are the eight reasons you should hire Kruse Law Firm.

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