Our law firm’s motto is “Tell us your side, we’ll handle it”. What does the mean? It means you come to our law firm. You’re stressed. You’re looking for alleviation of that stress. You’re facing serious criminal penalties whether it’s a DUI or criminal charge. Our job is to get you the best result we can. We truly care about our clients. We’re here to help you. You tell us your version of events. We receive the disclosure and we try and either win your case or negotiate the best result possible. We always strive to have constant communication with the client. We keep you informed every step of the way and inform you of the procedure leading up to your trial or negotiated resolution to your case. Our lawyers have extensive criminal trial experience in both criminal matters and DUI matters, DUI matters being a subset of criminal law. We have courage, compassion in the courtroom and we strive to get you the best result possible. These are seasoned veterans who are gonna do the job for you and you’re gonna right from the get-go alleviate your stress and get your life back on track with Kruse Law Firm.