Thank you for joining me today. You’re out there looking on the websites. You’re been charged with a criminal offense and you’re asking yourself, I need to hire a good lawyer. So what happens when people call us, they often ask this question but they don’t know us? How good of lawyers are you? Now, certainly I don’t want to talk about myself – that would be unseemly. But I do want to talk a little bit about some of the lawyers at our law firm. I want you to know, first of all, that the lawyers in our law firm, this is all we do. We don’t practice any other areas of law other than Criminal Law and Impaired driving 24/7. We have two former drug prosecutors on our team. These are excellent lawyers. Alec Fiszauf is a very experienced lawyer. In fact [he] is our most experienced and senior lawyer at our law firm. Alec has full spec[trum] of our criminal offenses and cases on his entire career and has real focus on doing DUI. He’s a real top gun at our law firm. We have Karl Toews who is also a former drug prosecutor and Karl brings everything to the table, on every case he does. There’s no stone unturned. This is a detailed lawyer, he’s highly respected and committed to the courts. Same with Anthony Andreopoulos, this is a very experienced lawyer, very good in the courtroom and his office skills are really second to none. Those are some of the lawyers in our firm. If you’re looking, look at their bios, look at our website and compare. You know, look at other firms too. You’re out there searching and you need to hire the best lawyer you can and receive good value for your money when you hire that lawyer. Thank you for joining me today.