Just because you have been accused of uttering threats doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Read through our testimonials to hear past clients talk about the charges they were facing after issuing threats, the evidence in their cases, and how we were able to mitigate the damage the accusation had on their lives.

  • “I was naive enough at first to believe that I could defend myself in a recent case of assault and uttering death threat. I thought I have read all of Erle Stanley Gardner’s books on Perry Mason and have watched all episodes of the Chief Ironside that I believed the case against me was purely perjury and hearsay. Kruse Law was able to point out the intricacy of the law and the weakness of my self defence. We have discussed plea bargaining and peace bonding but I believed that Homolka almost got scot free in that notorious case of Bernado. I stood firm on my innocence and Kruse respected my decision and was able to prove my case and justice served.”

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