Helping people is what we do. In our testimonials, our clients tell their stories in their own words, including the types of impaired driving charges against them, the potential penalties they were facing, and how we were able to lessen the impact of their offences.

  • “I retained Mike Kruse to represent me on a DUI charge. This was my second offence. He and his team guided me throughout the entire process. They would call me with progress reports and then send me emails going over what we talked about on the phone. I highly recommend him. Fingers crossed I never need a lawyer again, but if I do I will not hesitate to hire him again.”

  • “I was in trouble, Big Trouble! I was charged by the London O.P.P. with impaired and failure to provide. I was not impaired, and in my opinion, treated unfairly by police. I contacted Kruse Law in London, and was put in touch with Mr. Karl Toews. In the first few minutes of our conversation, it was obvious that Mr. Toews was an expert. I did hire Mr. Toews and we went to trial. Police are like anyone else they make mistakes. Mr. Toews spotted those mistakes, and defended my rights. Our result was NOT GUILTY on both charges. This was not an easy case and the odds were not in our favour. Karl Toews and Kruse Law saved my hide, and I will forever be grateful!”

  • “I felt like I had more to lose than most with my DUI charge because I am not a Canadian resident, and conviction would have meant a 5-year ban from Canada. Karl Towes of Kruise law and his team was so helpful and supportive during the process and eventually secured a huge win with all of my charges being withdrawn completely. I could not have asked for a better result and I am so appreciative of the hard work that was put in by Karl and his team. I would highly recommend their services to anybody in a similar situation.”

  • “I would definitely recommend Michael Kruse and Kruse Law Firm to anyone, the turn around rate was incredible on my case. I was charged with a DUI in the states once Ontario was aware of what happened my licence was suspended and was being charged with a DUI. They instantly to actions and within 5 days we had results and wasn’t being charged or my license suspended. You will not be disappointed with the service received!”

  • “I would definitely recommend Mr. Fiszauf and the Kruse Law Firm to anyone. I was charged with a dui and they were able to get the charges withdrawn with no implications to my license or to my insurance. You will not be disappointed with the service or the results!”

  • “When I first started my search for a lawyer, I had no clue what to expect or how to deal with my Refuse to provide a sample charge. I contacted the Kruze Law firm in Windsor Ontario, after a brief search on the internet. I knew I needed a law firm with a proven record of accomplishment who focused on DUI cases. As the case proceed through the remand process I quickly became aware that I did not just hire a lawyer at the Windsor office I hired a team. Jodie, Danielle, and Jennifer were all very personable, I was always informed (through emails and phone calls) of what was expected of me (which was very little because they handled everything), I was able to continue my life without interruption; it was a very stress free experience. They assigned Karl Toews as my defense lawyer; and what I also liked was that Mike Kruze was consulted on my case completing that team atmosphere at the Windsor office. Karl Toews is an excellent defense lawyer and overall nice man; from our first conversation he never sugar coated my situation or the probable outcome. When I first met Karl, I sensed a true compassion for my future and the detrimental affects the charge of refusal to provide a sample would have on my life. In court, you could sense the respect he had for the courts and the respect the court had for him as well. During the trial his strategy and skill set was evident, through cross- examination he was able to show the court some big discrepancies in the officer’s testimony so much, so that the crown attorney offered a charge of careless driving midway through the trail. After a brief discussion with Karl, we decided to accept the deal considering how much I had to lose and the verdict still could have gone either way. If a reduced charge was not offered, I still felt fully confident that Karl’s strategy and skills would have achieved a favorable verdict. I fully recommend the Kruze Law firm, Thank you Karl, Mike, Jodie, Danielle and Jennifer.”

  • “Kruse Law did an outstanding job handling my DUI. Anthony and Jen got me through an incredibly stressful time. Highly recommend this Law Firm.”

  • “I was faced with a 2nd DUI within 10 years and a schedule 1 possession charge. Facing prison time, and a 3 year license suspension. I chose Karl Toews and Kruse law as my legal representation. I am thrilled and relieved to receive a NOT GUILTY AND A CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE ON THE POSSESSION CHARGE! Thanks to Karl I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD! With Karl and KRUSE LAW I received extremely detailed and formidable legal representation, along with a lawyer who has Crown experience, with an outstanding support staff.”

  • “I was charged with impaired driving and refusal to provide a breath sample. I hired Alec Fiszauf and he formulated a defense strategy and, although I had doubts about his plan, I went along with it and was acquitted on both charges. I was kept informed and led through every step of the process and I found the cost to be very reasonable. Of utmost importance to me is the fact that I was treated like a person instead of a mere case number by Mr. Fiszauf and his kind and wonderful staff.”

  • “On 2017 I was facing speeding and DUI (over 80) charges. Worried for this situation, I started to search for help to resolve this case. From many different options, I chose Kruse Law Firm to represent me in court and it was the best decision I made. Anthony was handling my case and on first trial, He got all my charges dismissed. The team was very friendly, cordial and capable to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I want to thank Anthony for his excellent job and all he did to get me out of this with no criminal record. I highly recommend KRUSE LAW FIRM, Anthony Andreopoulos and Michael Kruse to represent anyone facing DUI charges.”

  • “Kruse Law helped me in one of the most difficult times of my life. I would highly recommend this firm if you have been charged with a DUI. Karl and Jennifer were very diligent and professional when dealing with my matter. As a young person, the criminal nature of a DUI would have affected my future job prospects. Karl was able to have my charge withdrawn with NO criminal record. Although it took some time, it was certainly worth it. Thank you Michael Kruse, Karl and Jennifer!”

  • “I would definitely recommend Mr. Fiszauf and the Kruse Law Firm to anyone. I was charged with a DUI and they were able to get the charges withdrawn with no implications to my license or to my insurance. You will not be disappointed with the service or the results!”

  • “I had been charged with a DUI when I had my first meeting with Karl Toews in London. At the end of that first meeting Karl told me he could not promise anything until he saw all the evidence but what he expected would happen based on our conversation. Eight months later due to the pandemic and it all worked out exactly as he said it would. DUI charges were dropped. I found Karl personally to be a very warm and empathic person to speak with. Should I ever need a lawyer again then I would not think of using anyone else other than Karl. This entire firm does a great job.”

  • “In 2016 we had a very positive experience with Kruse Law and Mr. Toews. He was very professional dealing with our case and everyone at Kruse Law was very helpful in reaching a positive outcome. I would recommend this firm and Mr. Toews to anyone. In 2019 our family needed Kruse Law again for an Impaired driving and Drug Possession charge. This time we had Anthony Andreopoulos as our Lawyer. He proved to be very professional and always well prepared. This case didn’t look good and the Crown was not offering up any deals. As Anthony felt there was an argument to be made we decided to commit to trial. Anthony was so well prepared and so well spoken that he was able to get the Charges withdrawn before trial. All the Office Staff were very professional in keeping us informed as well. Jennifer, Samantha and Daniel have been excellent to deal with throughout this whole ordeal. I highly recommend Kruse Law as they are in it to win it and they will be your best chance at a positive outcome.

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