Not sure who you can trust after you’ve been arrested for assault? Our testimonials offer a way for defendants to prepare for the road ahead through someone who’s been there before. Listen to past clients explain the charges against them, the legal process, and their experiences working with our defence team.

  • “Approximately two years after I gave a woman a friendly and consensual hug, I received a call just days before Christmas (Merry Christmas) from a police officer to report to the police Station. The police officer told me that there was a sexual assault allegation against me and they were going to arrest and charge me. I was devastated, as I did not do anything wrong. Before going to surrender myself to the police, I looked through the yellow pages for a criminal Lawyer. I found Kruse Law Firm and asked a couple of lawyer friends what they think about this law firm. They researched it for me and recommended that I retain them. I made my first contact with Jennifer who answered the phone and immediately advised me what to do when I got to the police station . I felt relieved right away due to her great advice. She immediately made an appointment for me and so the process began. They did all the advance work like attending court on my behalf, thoroughly preparing my defence, meeting with the crown and judge and I was only required to attend court when I was needed. I asked for Mr. Kruse himself to represent me at my trial due to his great track record of winning these types of case. I had my first meeting of many meetings with Mr. Kruse and was very impressed with his methodology, hard work and strategic game plan for my trial. He began with a preliminary inquiry and during that process exposed all of the inconsistencies and improbabilities in the Crown’s case which forced the Crown to drop all charges against me after the preliminary. The Crown simply had no case after Mr. Kruse completely dismantled the complainant and other evidence in the case during cross examination. I need to stress the preparation of Mr. Kruse and his attention to detail as I was amazed that during the preliminary hearing, there were times when Mr. Kruse had to inform the prosecutor which dates or what information he was seeking and where to find it. Mr. Kruse and his staff did a fantastic job and I would like to thank Mr. Kruse personally, legal assistants Jodi and Jennifer (who were always pleasant and gave me the reassurance I needed) and Samantha for a job well done. I would not hesitate to recommend the Kruse Law Firm to anyone who is in trouble with the law.”

    Assault, TestimonialsJuly 3, 2023
  • “Definitely it was a right decision we made a year ago to choose Mike Kruse as our lawyer to defend one of our family members for aggravated assault charge. With Mike’s and his team expertise and dedication on every detail of the case, charge was withdrawn at the end of trial and relives us from such a stress for the last 12 months. Thanks to Mike and his team.”

    Assault, TestimonialsJuly 3, 2023
  • “Kruse Law were very helpful in dealing with my assault with a weapon case. After a lengthy abusive relationship it was difficult to be able to talk about my situation but Anthony Andreopoulos and the team at Kruse law were compassionate hearing my story and in the end with their extensive knowledge were able to successfully defend me in court against all charges. They were very prompt in responding to any questions and concerns I had throughout what was a lengthy and confusing process of going to trial. I believe that I would not have been able to do it if it wasn’t for Anthony and the Kruse Law team.”

    Assault, TestimonialsSeptember 29, 2021

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