A Waterloo sexual assault lawyer will protect you from police investigators eager to use your statements as evidence of criminality. You need an experienced and knowledgeable sexual assault lawyer by your side to help you avoid or minimize the serious consequences of a conviction.

At the Kruse Law Firm, we hold the Crown to the standard that Canadians are innocent until proven otherwise and the requirement of proving a sexual assault charge beyond a reasonable doubt. We listen and work hard to defend your liberty and reputation.

Waterloo Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault represents an attack that violates the sexual integrity of a person who did not consent to the contact. The Criminal Code also specifies that sexual assault may involve the intentional use of force, threats, a visible weapon, or threatening gestures that make the other person feel endangered and required to submit to sexual contact.

This is a very serious criminal offence. Assuming the Crown elects summarily, a judge could imprison you for up to 18 months. If the Crown elects by indictment for a sexual assault, you could face up to 14 years in prison if the victim is under the age of 16 or you are in a position of trust or authority towards the person. Even if the victim is over 16, you could still face up to ten years in jail.

Even prior to the issuance of criminal charges, an investigation could result in damaging consequences like:

  • Job loss
  • Negative media attention
  • Public scorn

Consequences of Sexual Assault Charges in Waterloo

After an arrest and conviction, you could be subject to additional consequences in addition to a lengthy term in prison, such as:

  • Sex offender registration
  • A DNA data bank order
  • Travel restrictions
  • Depleted job opportunities
  • Stigma in your community
  • The requirement to be on strict probationary conditions after you have completed your jail term

The police in Waterloo will push you hard to answer questions because they want information that confirms the complainant’s allegations or details that create inconsistencies and improbabilities regarding your version of events. Exercising your right to remain silent by not answering any questions or giving any statement when first confronted by investigators will serve you well until you can contact us.

We will provide you with free initial legal advice and expert representation in court if you decide to retain our firm. We have the experience and skill set to take the proper steps and do the necessary legal work to either win your case or achieve the best result possible in your case.

Should your sexual assault charge in Waterloo go forward, we will prepare a vigorous defence. The possible defence strategies that we may draw upon include:

  • Exposing inconsistencies in your accuser’s evidence
  • Highlighting a complainant’s motives for attacking your reputation
  • Developing a viable winning strategy depending on the particularities of your case
  • Preparing you with the necessary knowledge when testifying at trial in order to establish reasonable doubt
  • Challenging the complainant’s version of events during cross-examination at trial
  • Working tirelessly on your case to minimize your sentence, should you decide to plead guilty

Why You Should Retain Us

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to avoid speaking to authorities regarding a sexual assault allegation. Ideally, you will consult with us before the police bring you in for questioning.  Although you may feel like you have done nothing wrong and want to explain this to investigators, they are always looking to make an arrest. Hiring a top criminal defence lawyer to represent you as soon as possible could make the difference between winning or losing your case or obtaining a more lenient sentence.

Michael Kruse, the founder of our firm, has worked as a respected criminal defence trial lawyer in Ontario for over 30 years. The professional team of lawyers at Kruse Law will advocate for your needs at every stage of the process.

Any attempt to set things right with Waterloo authorities when accused of sexual assault may only provide the Crown with more evidence. Sexual assault cases are difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt because they often lack physical evidence and rely on verbal statements. At the Kruse Law Firm, we know how to properly challenge and confront your accuser within legal limits. We will aggressively leverage all evidence to pursue a positive outcome.

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